Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Republicans: "It's Pirate Time!"

I love Peggy Noonan.

Her Op-eds are refreshing. She is not afraid to talk tough to the GOP leaders, much of whom spend more time making money and then pressing their message on the base and the rest of the country, expecting them to believe it just because they put a lot of money behind it.

January 11, she told her conservative colleagues: "It's pirate time."

Stop playing by the rules, stop trying to be liked, stop expecting the Democrats to respect your right to share your views on things.

Stop playing from the Nelson Rockefeller "Mad Men" playbook, and ditch the Southern Strategy of the Nixon era.

A fifty-state offensive is needed.

It's time to have a good time.

Until recently, Republican leaders have been whining like a flimsy New York comedian: "Put I don't wanna be a pirate!"

This Jerry Seinfeld said to Kosmo Kramer when the lanky mooching neighbor suggested that Jerry put on his low-talking girlfriend's new "puffy shirt" and advertise it on national TV.

In a similar vein, not a dark one of intolerance, but a "stuffy shirt' based on starched ideas which do not play out anymore, of starched ideas based on making general statements without standing for anything, this stuffy shirt has hampered Republicans from making their case to the public. Minorities do not feel welcome, but they should feel at home in the Republican Party, where commitment to family values and individual liberty finds respect and recognition, as opposed to ruinous welfare policies which break up families and keep people in povery.

While Jerry refused to wear the "Puffy shirt", it's time of the Republican Party to put on "the puffy pirate shirt" and charge with force and moxie the empty lies of the statist, status quo liberals and Democratic Party.

The rugged, grass-roos approach is needed now, a winner-take-all bravado of punching back, of refusing to let the liberal lies of yesteryear go unchecked. It's time for the GOP to get a grip, take off the gloves, and fight back. There is nothing wrong with getting negative, as long as we are being truthful. There is nothing wrong with getting in peoples' faces, as long as we give them room to step back and reflect on the ruinous policies of our leaders.

Aye-Aye, Maties!

The Pittsburgh Pirates has just endorsed their first "all-minorities" line-up. Republicans are the minority in California, but with faith and in truth in what we believe, a grassroots coalition can rise from the bottom up and remind the voters, all of them, what the Democratic Party has represente:

The real pirates, who take away opporunity and wealth from the voters, and force people into wage and welfare slavery.

Hoist the skull-and-crossbones, GOP operatives. The young people in this state are looking for a fight, and they had the stodgy establishment, which today is represented by devoured flower-power professors who have spent their middling years boring students with empty statist liberalism.

It;s time to make the Democrats walk the plank.

Yo Ho Yo Ho -- GOP -- a pirate's life is for you!

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