Monday, January 14, 2013

Powell is Wrong: The Hispanic Vote

About Hispanic voters and the GOP. . .

Colin Powell also claimed that the Republican Party does not favor a comprehensive immigration policy. Ronald Reagan endorsed a blanket amnesty in 1986, otherwise known as the Simpson-Mizzoli bill. George W. Bush won 44% of the Hispanic vote in 2004, and led the pathway for citizenship rhetoric as a Republican pragmatist in a party which was concerned about the "We are going to make it hard of minorities to vote."

Mitt Romney was out of favor with two-thirds of the Republican primary voters, proven by the resounding favor which fell upon every other Republican candidate running for President in 2012. Even Rick Santorum, who was trailing in single digits for the most part, suddenly surged into number two status for the first three months of the 2012 primary season. Romney ran to the right of Perry's, whose graded support of "The DREAM Act" should have been better heeded by the Republican voters than he had received.

Frankly, Hispanic voters care about the same issues are all othert Americans: a bright future for their kids, good jobs, education.

W.'s. nephew George P. Bush will be entering Texas politics very soon, as well. Brian Sandoval of Nevada, Susanna Martinez of New Mexico, and Marco Rubio of Florida, among other Hispanic Americans in the Republican Party, are pushing aside Powell's fuzzy and fussy notion the Republican Party is defined primarily by racist extremists who cater to rich white people.

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