Saturday, January 19, 2013

Todd Akin, Whoopi Goldberg, and the "Rape" of Our Country's Fiscal Future

Missouri Congressman Todd Akin made one mistake in an interview with the JACO Report. Instead of "legitimate rape", he should have said "forcible rape", or "a baby's a baby no matter how he or she was conceived."

His statement was not immoral or immaterial, necessarily, because he was speaking up for the unborn. Akin was promoting a policy of optimizing life, and he wanted to go to Washington D.C. to make sure that the federal government did not suck the life out of the states and the rest of the country. His faux-pas signaled the drastic overhaul which Republican leaders need to enact. First, they need to establish deeper grass-roots connections with voters and local leaders, not just with "TEA Party" affiliates, but with businesses, with food banks, and with city leaders. The Republican Party has a populist beat, one which must return to the forefront, as opposed to the elite-effete brain-trust of Washington, "Pro-Big Business" insiders.

In his defense, it's too bad that Congressman Akin did not share this telling remark from one of the national media's less stellar lights: Whoopi Goldberg, one of the talk-show hosts on the New York based morning show "The View":

"I know that it wasn't rape-rape."

Who was Whoopi talking about? Polish Director Roman Polanski, who drugged and raped (yes, raped!) a young girl, then fled to France in order to avoid extradition for his crime. Goldberg was defending a man who had abused a minor. Todd Akin was defending the unborn and demanding punishment for the rapist. When are news outlets representing the American Broadcasting Corporation going to meet with fired up protestors who demand Whoopi Goldberg's resignation? When will the leaders in the White House and around the country demand an apology or at least a retraction from this host?

Other unsightly comments from media and Hollywood elites should make the mainstream media blush for shame in indicting Congressman Akin for one comment. In another episode, "The View" blanketed their back blue-screen with racist and sexual explicit epithets between rapper Chris Brown and small-time Comedian Jenny Johnson, with nothing but smarmy laughter from the hosts and shocking gasps from the audience. That such drivel is even tolerate on television from national media outlets, all of which comment on political as well as cultural issues, should cause parents to boycott the very products endorsed by this program.

Among the Democratic leaders in Congress, there are numerous scandals of an intimate and illicit nature. Congressman Gary Studs of Massachusetts, who had an illicit affair with one of his under-age male pages. At least when Republican leaders dishonor themselves in their private lives, their Republican colleagues demand that they step down. Then there was Congressman Anthony Weiner of New York. In the second instance, investigative reporting hit back hard enough to force Weiner to resign from office, even though the Democratic Caucus in the House "stood by their man." Eventually, Weiner went from office, his departure forced a special election, and a pro-Israel conservative Republican replaced him in Congress.

Who can forget "I didn't do that to that woman" from second-term President Bill Clinton? The he admitted that he did indeed have an inappropriate relationship with a White House intern. He was impeached and tried in the United States Senate. He avoided conviction and removal from office based mostly on strict party lines. President Bush pardoned him, incidentally enough, and he paid a huge fine and was disbarred from the Arkansas Bar Association. Clinton lied to the American people and a grand jury, and he got a "slap on the wrist" from the judicial system, but a "pat on the head" from the "Mainstream" Media.

To this day, no one has held the "mainstream" media accountable for these horrid comments and moral interpitudes. This double-standard has to stop. I do not share Todd Akin's pro-life views to the extent that he share, but that his comments were taken so widely out of context and then construed to characterize him as misogynist, a "hick", or a creep just defies the understanding.

Now onto the pressing financial matter, the "rape" of this nation's fiscal future. First, there is Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill, who more likely coasted to reelection in part because of Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney's lack-luster national campaign, one which depressed the Republican vote by three million. She had a 90% voting record with her party, supporting the abortive 2009 stimulus and Obamacare legislation. Yes, she wanted a moratorium on earmarks; yes, she claims a more centrist record compared to her Senator colleagues. Yet Obamacare took $716 billion from Medicare, and now she returns to Washington to "stand by her party" in the US Senate, where the leadership have not passed a budget in four years, while the Republicans in the House passed two budgets in the past year. Let's not forget Senate Minority Mitch McConnell who bridged the gridlock gap by reaching out to Vice President Joseph Biden at the last minute, since the President in an immature coup refused to deal on debt and deficit reduction.

The fiscal crises which stall any growth and stop the government from paying its bills from month to month are depriving our present voters and stealing from future generations. This debt will engage future Americans to be indentured servants to an indebted government. Todd Akin defended the unborn, both in the womb and from national debt; the "Mainstream Media" mocked him for one statement. McCaskill has done nothing to stop Washington's "illegitimate rape" of our nation's fiscal future, and the "Mainstream" media has joined her in looking away.

This is more than "rape-rape", this fiscal problem is real, and the citizens of Missouri should demand that their Senator defend the unborn not just from immoral abortions, but from an amoral federal government which spend tomorrow's future on today's bills.

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