Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Paul Ryan -- Ayn Would Run

Congressman Paul Ryan voted for the "Satan Sandwich" fiscal cliff deal, along with Majority Leader John Boehner and one third of the GOP delegation.

Perhaps the Republican Party should give up on being the Party of Limited Government, since the spending spree is still running free in Washington.

While red states across the country are cutting taxes and spending, while blues states are sinking into the blue of bankruptcy never to return, Washington remains the hodge-podge of dysfunction which never ends, which never changes, which never goes anywhere but around and around in the same wilderness of spend now, save never.

Let's face it. Without independent executive power, representative democracy will not pull up the stomach and standard to cut the spending and gut the budget on which a growing number of Americans are dependent.

Now Mr. Paul Ryan, the Ayn Rand acolyte of Balanced Budgets and Medicare Vouchers, has stepped in line with the GOP establishment to pass the revenue increases without any cuts. The same House Speaker that pushed passed the Hastert Rule has also pushed aside extra funds for states still recovering from Superstorm Sandy.

Paul Ryan, what has it all come to? Was this why you studied Objectivism with such subjective relish? Your budgets were boutiful, yet your latest vote, just disgraceful. You claimed to come to Washington to "make the hard choices". The hard choice would have pushed aside any deal which did not include spending cuts.

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