Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Chuck Chuck for Secretary of Defense

Washington Post Columnist Charles Krauthammer claims that the United States of America will finally see Barack Obama's true colors.If he is referring to Obama's blind fealty to progressive policies which expand the state and impoverish the citizenry, if he is referring to his stubborn blindness to a worldview of limited government and fiscal prudence, if the columnist is suggesting that President Obama will advance every policy that he sees fit to support, then President Obama may end up becoming the gift who keeps on giving to the Republican Party.

President Obama nominated Susan Rice of Secretary of State. Following the firestorm in the US Senate about her role (or her lack thereof) in Benghazi-gate, Obama withdrew her nomination. Now President Obama has nominated former Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel, a moderate Republican who has a dubious stance on Israel and a supine attitude towards Iran. Even the President and the would-be Secretary of Defense nominee do not agree on the proper Iran policy.

Imagine Democratic voters so disgusted with their own party elites, not because they give handouts to the poor, but because of their handouts to the rich, that they declare their independence and advance support for any conservative candidate out there. I have hope of the New England states, where Democratic rule is almost synonymous with the state government entirely, where Republicans just sit on the sidelines and hope that something happens that will give them some say in some way.

Now is the time to present a positive vision of Commonweatlh politics, now is the time to make the case to voters, Democratic and Republican, that progressives-statist policies which explode the state and expand the tax-payer roles cause more harm than good.

Democrats want to help people. I do not believe they want to fund bureaucrats of the federal government. Republicans want to cut taxes and diminish the growth of government. I am certain that the do not want to do away with the state altogether.

Every Republican should stand their ground on their principles and refuse to deal with a President who offers unserious proposals for deficit reduction (the same with more spending), who advances unacceptable candidates who do not represent the best interests of the state or the office for which they are nominated.

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