Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Prager Defends Dating a Republican

Dennis Prager attacks the narrow-minded prejudice of liberals, who avoid meeting and discussing issues of practical and political importance with individuals of a different political creed.

Treating men and women of a different world-view, including those with a different perception of the proper role of government, liberals like Ms. Tamara Shayne Kagel tend to dehumanize  conservatives.  Columnist Anne Coulter has exposed the parochial nature of these leftist political cabals, shakers in the movement to grow government and equality at the expense of individual government and limited state sovereignty. If they are losing the argument on policy or fact-grounds, leftists usually castigate or insult their opponents, refusing to honor their arguments by volleying ad hominem attacks, all of which lack merit and logic.

Prager points out that the biggest obstacle to urban, elitist liberals is the company that they keep. Invariably, leftists spend their time with others who share the same constancy to the leftist dogma. Since they do not frequent individuals or communities where their views would be challenged, they cannot help but feel out of place in more right-leaning, conservative communities. This groupthink is a conspicuous aspect of leftist groups, who  with insult and insolence disdain any difference of opinion.

Even when the young blogger Tamara Shayne Kagel fell in love with a certain man, when this prospect showed his true primary red colors, Kagel was offended. She could not imagine living with a man who differed with her on so many issues, a divide so wide that only derision and persecution could last in such a fractious matching. How sad that university trained individuals, like the scandalized blogger, will not even open their ears or theirs minds to consider the viewpoints of another.

The basis of the Left's intellectual myopia lies in the mentality of perfection and idealization. Even in the face of confirmed refutation and failure, the "this should work" mantra of the Left will press its adherents to keep trying the same empty policies which yield poverty and dysfunction. Acting like true believers in a totalitarian state, the movers and shakers of the left stop at nothing to perpetuate a world view of more government power, more regulation, and more paternalism.

At least Ms. Kagel admits that the match with a Republican would not be made in heaven, but the hell on earth that the Leftist ideology are inadvertently creating for their communities still rests squarely on them, not the Republicans whom they unjustifiably demonize.

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