Thursday, June 6, 2019

Calling Out their Cowardice — Denouncing Conservative Media Silence Toward the LGBT Agenda

In the late 1980s, the LGBT movement introduced the subtle but false argument that homosexuals were “born that way.”  Today, they are forcing their agenda on us with relentless militancy. If anyone speaks out against these perverse behaviors, they are met with condemnation, de-platforming on social media, termination from their jobs, or even jail time.  The movement has become serious threat to a free country and the natural order.

Liberal and progressive politicians embrace this tyranny.  But where are the conservatives to “out” this massive problem?  Sadly, so-called conservatives have tried their best to avoid or have capitulated to this agenda.  Worst of all, conservative media leaders have remained silent on this sinister threat to freedom of speech and thought. Rather than rushing into the fight, they are hiding in the bushes.

More specifically, conservative leading lights like the editors of National Review, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, and Laura Ingraham consistently refused to address the LGBT assault on Americans’ health, freedom, and culture.  These pundits will not even report on, let alone challenge, the horrific “Equality Act,” which marks a turning point of the LGBT Agenda: the culmination of the tyrannical thrust of this movement at the expense of the natural rights of all.

Why are these conservative media stars afraid to speak out against the LGBT movement?  After all, free expression has never been easier.  Competitive conservative journalism is on the rise, while the pro-gay mainstream media is in decline.  Sadly, aside from LifeSiteNews and some other Christian media sources, most pro-family and conservative media organizations refuse to confront the radical, abusive, and tyrannical LGBT agenda.  Drudge Report and The Gateway Pundit even portray the LGBT movement as laudable.

Dennis Prager, one of the most prominent conservative thinkers is no better.  His PragerU videos have educated millions of people on conservative issues, but his record on exposing the LGBT Agenda is terrible. Prager has produced videos on transgender movement’s threat to free speech (“Preferred Pronouns or Prison) and the importance of biological sex differences (“Sex Matters”).  But he refuses to condemn the LGBT “rights” movement, especially the health hazards of homosexuality and  transgenderism.

In fact, on homosexuality PragerU has become quite accommodating.  In one video, “I'm Gay...Conservative…So What?,” PragerU features Guy Benson (editor of, who declares, “I am Christian, conservative, and gay.”  The video title itself is a total lie. Christian doctrine—and nature itself!—reject homosexuality.

Conservatism is defined by defending the essential institutions of natural marriage and family, which homosexuality by definition opposes.  The idea of “gay marriage” is another falsehood, and conservatives should reject any capitulation to that idea and the rest of the LGBT alphabet.  And yet another PragerU video addressing homosexuality, "Are Conservatives Anti-Gay," bends over backward to try and prove that conservatives are not “anti-gay” or “homophobic” (employing the loaded language of the left). The video even advocates “decriminalizing homosexuality worldwide” through the U.N.

Then there’s Ben Shapiro, who refuses to confront the lies of LGBT “identity” politics.  His last column addressed this problem over four years ago.  Today, he retreats to arguments that children are better off with a mother and a father.  He doesn’t address homosexuality itself.  He avoids any discussion of its impact on society.  Recently, both Shapiro and The Federalist fired a contributing writer because she denounced homosexuality.  (Fortunately, that writer has returned to The Federalist, but there is no word that Shapiro has welcomed her back.)

What about Rush Limbaugh?  A fearless firebrand on family issues in the early 1990s, Limbaugh rushes away from discussing the LGBT Agenda today.  Conservative, populist-leaning writers like Victor Davis Hanson, Pat Buchanan, and Tucker Carlson won’t say anything.  The editors of National Review are in full retreat.  Alternative conservative media types like Mark Dice, Jack Posobiec, and Stefan Molyneux refuse to confront the issue. Even Paul Joseph Watson, one of the most confrontation and inflammatory commentators on social media, has all but caved to the LGBT agenda.  He even makes open appeals to “the gays” because of the militant rise of Islam in the United Kingdom. 

Why should these pundits care?  There are fundamental dangers embedded in the LGBT Agenda:  the massive health problems, the moral concerns, the psychological issues associated with these behaviors.  As for the live-and-let-live libertarians, they forget that a free-market economy cannot flourish without a stable society.  Homosexuality, transgenderism, and other paraphilias (sexual deviance) undermine the basic fabric of our culture, and conservatives are supposed to be protecting—read, conserving!—our culture.  As for the behaviors themselves, they can lead to high incidences of disease, dysfunction, and death, along with (for transgenders) infertility.

The conservative movement should not be kowtowing to LGBT identity politics.  Instead of running away, conservative media must stand up to the LGBT monolith and call out its lies.  Whatever is holding back the conservative and pro-family media – fear of being labeled a bigot, fear of being blacklisted on social media, fear of losing corporate sponsors – this cowardice is hastening the demise of our country.  The LGBT juggernaut is not stopping, because it’s a key weapon in the Left’s totalitarian assault.
So far, MassResistance has been the only international organization to denounce the LGBT Agenda in full, and today we are denouncing these conservative media leaders’ silence on these issues.
It’s time for them to discuss, debate, and establish some inconvenient truths:
  • People are not born gay.
  • People are not born in the wrong body.
  • It is not OK to be “gay.”
  • Homosexuality and transgenderism are mental disorders.
  • It is not OK to encourage or protect these mental disorders as “civil rights.”
This declaration is meant as a “warning shot” to the silent, craven conservative media class.  They must now stand up to the LGBT Agenda and defend natural marriage and family as strongly as they defend life, the Second Amendment, and other natural rights.  We invite every major media pundit on the right to take up our challenge.  If they refuse, they must then admit that they are not true conservatives.

To set up a debate, please contact Arthur Schaper: Email:

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