Monday, March 7, 2016

US Senator Jim Risch (R-ID) Endorses Marco Rubio (But Cannot Explain Why!)

US Senator Jim Risch, Republican from Idaho, explained to Wolf Blitzer why he supports Marco Rubio for President.

Actually ... he didn't.

Here are some of his comments, following Blitzer's questions:

"What's the difference between Rubio and Cruz?"

Risch could not explain the difference, nor could he explain why he chose to endorse Rubio instead of Cruz:

"That's a really good uestion, Wolf, and I tell you how you judge this ...


"THere are several Senators who are supporting Marco Rubio."

Risch begs the uestion. No help there.

"Including myself, the most conservative. Including Orrin Hatch, the most senior ... including the bulk of the young guns."

Notice that Risch still cannot explain the difference between Rubio and Cruz.

The bottom scroll of the news feed claims that the Cruz campaign is full of falsehoods, and yet the US Senator cannot name one of them. Who is the one preaching falsehoods on this program?

"They know him. They work with him. Not one senator is supporting Ted Cruz."

Wolf will not allow the US Senator to get away with saying nothing.

"Why?" Wolf wonders.

And Risch answers ....

"I think I will let the people watching this make their own judgment."

Does the Senator really believe that the viewers in Idaho or around the country can read the US Senator's mind? What kind of an elected official dodges such a straightforward yet necessary question?

An endorsement is serious business. These decisions are intended to shape the course of a momentous election. And yet ... the endorsements are having little effect, since "little Marco" has no real pathway to the nomination. Reports are flowing in that Rubio's own advisers want him to drop out.

Ted Cruz is getting stronger. He won two states on Saturday, and ended up tying in Louisiana. The Trump-mentum has hit some bumps along the way.

Perhaps it's best that Rubio snags all the endorsements. That way, voters will not view him as a Washington Cartel sellout.

And the strangest irony out of the Risch-Blitzer interview? The US Senator's non-answers affirm why Rubio is a non-starter, and Ted Cruz is more than qualified to serve as the next President of the United States.

Idaho: Choose Ted Cruz!

Let's hope and welcome that

Idaho: Choose Ted Cruz on March 8th, 2016!

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