Sunday, March 20, 2016

My Comment to Huntington Park City Council: March 15, 2016

Good Evening Huntington Park City Council.

First of all, I want to assure former mayor Karina Macias ... 

I will not be speaking on Item #3.

Second of all, I was reviewing the minutes from the February 16th City Council meeting.

The City Clerk left out one clear detail:

The four members mentioned in the papers were served. Just because you did not place your hands or pick up the papers does not mean  that you were not served.

You were targeted for recall.

Now, the current mayor, Graciela Ortiz, claimed that this recall against the four corrupt members of the city council originated from outside the city.

I wish that I could take some credit for circulating or signing the papers.

Unfortunately, I cannot, since the legal process—something which none of you really care about anyone—requires all recall efforts to rely on city residents. But believe me, if I could, I would
I cannot circulate nor sign the recall petitions. So guess what? The people in this city want you out!
This is not about forces outside the city. This is a movement from withing.

Now, Mayor Ortiz and her cowardly colleagues claimed that the protesters in the audience are a bunch of racists.

And yet, the Los Angeles Wave reported how misinformed even silly such an assertion that is.

Also, the four members targeted for recall keep claiming that We the People Rising are anti-immigrant. Look at the shirt I am wearing! I got this from Nick Ionnadis, himself an immigrant, and the founder of Immigrants Day, celebrated every year on October 28th.

I helped him move his memorabilia and legacies into a better place.

The truth is, this city council is anti-immigrant. You despise the rule of law, and you spit on those who came to this country legally to become legal citizens.

Time is running out. Rescind the appointments of the two illegal aliens, resign your posts, and send the message to all cities: Cities are for citizens, and the rule of law will remain paramount in this community.

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