Thursday, March 3, 2016

"Censure Cisneros!" (Comments to Montebello School Board, March 3, 2016)

To the Montebello Unified School Board:
My name is Arthur Schaper, a long-time resident of Torrance, CA, a life-long citizen, and member of We the People Rising.
Tonight, I am here to speak to you about concerns regarding the actions and choices of one of your members, School Board Trustee Edgar Cisneros.
Currently, he serves as the city manager for Huntington Park, CA, a city whose city council—or rather four members—have engage in unethical, immoral, and illegal misconduct.
The four councilmembers appointed two illegal aliens to city commissions.
They have also been handing out contracts to friends, relatives, and political allies, including their campaign direct Efren ‘Chucky Cheese’ Martinez.
Board Trustee Cisneros has chosen to remain as a city manager for this corrupt city council.
He has aided and abetted the corruption and malfeasance of the city council.
I am now asking this board to issue a resolution to censor Mr. Cisneros.
I have asked him to resign from his position as city manager in the past, for in good faith I had believed that he was simply hired on without any knowledge of what is going on in Huntington Park.
I looked over his Facebook wall, however, and I found some disturbing statements and images on his wall.
He is clearly a very politicized, pro-illegal alien activist. That is wrong.
Here is one comment from his Facebook wall, which I hope he has removed.
His stance on other issues I find disconcerting, as should parents and students in the Montebello community.
The Huntington Park city council has also forcibly removed members of the audience just for saying “Yes” three times or asking questions. Routinely they have violated our rights, and even Mr. Cisneros dismissed a concern from one member, Robin Hvidston, who was not permitted to speak at one meeting, January 19th, 2016.
The city council has sought to suppress free speech and public comment.
The city council even went so far as to accuse me and others of racial hatred and unfounded prejudice.
And Mr. Cisneros has condoned and enabled these actions at every meeting.
As a member of We the People Rising, I affirm that we are not anti-immigrant, but rather anti-illegal immigration.
We are for the rule of law, as are many legal residents in Huntington Park, throughout Southern California, and throughout the country,.
We are a diverse group, and we demand respect for this country’s Constitution and culture of individual liberty.
One again, I ask Board Trustee Cisneros to resign his post as city manager of Huntington Park, and I believe he should also resign as Board Trustee, since his values and behavior run contrary to the rule of law.
Barring a refusal to engage in these actions, I ask that the Montebello Board of Trustees move to censure their colleague Edgar Cisneros.
Thank you.

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