Monday, March 21, 2016

Kasich the Basketcase

Regardless of your political leanings, whether more centrist or conservative, there is no reason for more people to keep lining up behind John Kasich for the GOP nomination.

If you are a Kasich supporter, it is important to recognize that he cannot possibly win the majority of delegates needed.

He has scoffed at newscasters on the morning talk shows, pointed to his electability against Hillary Clinton in the general election.

And yet, if teh majority of GOP primary voters do not want him, and they have adamantly choosing someone else, there is no reason to believe that those same voters will show up and vote for Kasich.

The Governor of Ohio is too much like the former Governor of Massachusetts. He is embracing liberal, non-Republican stances on key issues, with no respect for the rule of law in some cases.

He has determined that Christian bakers and other service providers should be forced to participate in activities which violate their conscience.

He has also offered full amnesty for the eleven million (or more) illegal aliens living in the country.

Let's face the facts: there can be no progress without the rule of law. Tyranny against our First Amendment Freedoms will doom this country to going backwards, not forwards.

Yet even if Kasich was a strong Republican upholding all the values which the party holds dear, he still does not have a chance.

And he should stop serving as a spoiler which is only helping Donald Trump.

For all the former Congressman's protestations about the current front-runner, Kasich's ongoing plodding along in the race is only making the Donald Trump nomination inevitable.

Kasich is a total basketcase. Just because he won his home state, he is completely assured that he will win the general election.

Give me a break! Diverse polling has showed Donald Trump winning New York, and also losing Utah to Hillary Clinton!

Kasich's latest email shows more delusion:

Kasich for America

Arthur, we just got some fresh poll numbers and we’re defeating Trump in Utah and the Caucus is tomorrow.

Oh! Wow! Kasich is beating Trump! Guess what? By double digits! 

But there's more to the story. Ted Cruz is trumping both of them by a wide, wide margin. Current polling lists Cruz at 53%, followed by Kasich at 29% and Trump at 11%

Wow. Heckuva a job, there, Johnnie!

Will you chip in $25 or more right now to help ensure that we finish strong tomorrow?

Really? Because you defeated Trump, but have lost every other contest?

Reports indicate that Kasich will be out of money by April. I am not going to stand in his way of essential, inevitable bankruptcy.

Just like our big win in Ohio, we have an opportunity to grab more delegates and deny Trump from becoming the nominee.

Any other grab for delegates will be NOTHING like his one, solitary win in Ohio. He will get scraps from the table, if anything at all.

John Kasich: Basketcase

Again, what is the point of keeping this terminal patient on life-support? Pull the plug on this basketcase!

And in case you’re wondering why Trump/Cruz are trying so hard to push us out of the race, Politico released a survey where 45% of respondents said that I’m the best Republican candidate to go on and defeat Hillary Clinton this fall, finishing 12-points ahead of Cruz and a whopping 23-points ahead of Trump!

45% is not a ringing endorsement. A majority of voters want someone else. As do I.

While the other candidates have run campaigns that divide us, I’ve been the lone candidate who's run a positive campaign focused on working together to solve our greatest challenges with real, achievable solutions.

Positive campaign? Telling people that Obamacare is good for them--or at least it was good for Ohio--that is not a positive campaign. Telling American workers that the rule of law means nothing, and that more illegals will suddenly receive amnesty--there is nothing positive about that development.

Telling Christians that they will have to conform their freedom of speech and religion to any customers, even if the activity really means coercion--that is not positive.

Please, John, you need to leave!

We WILL stop Trump from getting the nomination and we WILL win at the convention -- and then we'll go on to defeat Hillary this fall and begin the hard work of fixing America, together.

No, John, you are actually helping Donald Trump, because you are denying delegates which could go to Cruz. You are not going to get the nomination, and you definitely will not get the presidency.

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