Friday, March 4, 2016

Racism and Recalls in Huntington Park

After the hoopla and near-disaster of Huntington Park, CA City Council's reorganization meeting, I wanted to take some time exposing more of the fraud and the hate which came out of the new city council leadership's mouths.


Karina Macias, now the former mayor, charged We the People Rising and other opponents as racist.

Could she explain the following pictures, then?

The three individuals in the photo above are all of Mexican descent.

They oppose the illegal actions of the Huntington Park City Council, particularly the appointment of two illegal aliens to city commissions.

Here is another photo of We the People Rising:

And yet another:

The charge of racism is a total sham and fraud.

I ended up debating with a member of the audience after the March 1, 2016 reorganization meeting.

He called me racist. When I asked why, he then called me ignorant.

I spent the next five minutes pinning him down to explain to me why I was ignorant. What information did I not have? What knowledge did I lack?

He refused to answer my question. I did press on man to explain why. I was listening, and I shared with him a lot of the information I had gained about the community, the rule of law, etc.

The truth is - that man was ignorant. He labeled me racist just to silence me because I shared a different point of view.

This kind of race-baiting is all too common among the rogue city councilmembers and their supporters. Yet for all their shouting and attempts to shame me and others, their words, their hate, their racism is not working.

More discrimination


Now, let's talk about the recall effort.

Newly-installed mayor Graciela Ortiz charged that the recall effort against them was an enterprise which originated from outside the district. She played the race card against us once again, even after she had placed her hand on a Bible and swore to uphold and defend the United States Constitution.

The truth is: members of We the People Rising who live outside the district cannot assist the recall directly. By law, we are not allowed to circulate the papers, nor to collect the necessary signatures. We have played an important role informing the citizens in Huntington Park about the lawlessness, arrogance, and corruption of the city councilmembers.

Members of the community, whether they attend the city council meetings or not, have shared with me their support for our efforts against the four Corruptitos, the city attorney, and the city manager.

The New Huntington Park City Council

The frustrations and outrage against the Huntington Park City Council has grown steadily, from financial mismanagement to police misconduct, and now pot dispensaries are opening up in the city, even though a majority of residents oppose the proposal.

The Huntington Park rogues are the racist ones, and the law-abiding residents have instituted the recall.

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