Saturday, March 5, 2016

MA is Going Red (With a Little Help from Trump)

More bad news for the Massachusetts Democratic Party.

For the primaries, 20,000 Democrats re-registered to become Republicans so that they could vote for Donald Trump.

Republican Governor Charlie Baker appears to be helping the GOP brand somewhat in the Commonwealth as well, even though he has targeted conservatives for purging and promoted a large number of moderates in key contest committee seats.

The Massachusetts conservatives are rising up, too, and refuse to be put in the back of the political bus to moderates, hacks, and total RINOs.

Governor Baker's moves are really strange.

The same conservatives who supported him, are now facing campaign onslaughts.

This is crazy.

And stupid.

Charlie Faker needs to get his act together or go away.

Conservatives need to heed what is happening in the Bay State.

If you are supporting a more moderate candidate, never cease to remind him that he or she would never have gotten elected without your votes.

Baker wants to ensure no further allegiances to the conservatives in his party.

Yet there would be no Republican Party anywhere in the Commonwealth without them.

Now, voters are turning out for the populist, pro-growth, anti-illegal immigration message offered by Donald Trump.

What have Democrats given this country after seven years of Barack Obama, coupled with eight years of "Mr. Governor" Deval Patrick and the supermajority of Democratic lawmakers on Beacon Hill?

Bad health care, soaring costs, declining economic opportunities.

Let's not forget the heroic epidemic eating  away at communities throughout the Commonwealth.

Worcester is going red, and now more voters are moving to the GOP, fed up with Democratic Party which is interested in suppressing freedom of speech and association.

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  1. Ironically, Trump supports touchback amnesty for illegal aliens.