Monday, March 7, 2016

Ted Cruz: Pro-Energy, Pro-Free Market

I was making phone calls for Ted Cruz into Idaho over this past weekend, and I received concerns from a few residents about the Idaho National Laboratory.
With this latest eblast, now I understand why there were concerns about this issue.

Ted Cruz has been pushing a free-market, non-interventionist energy policy, and of course his political opponents will distort his views to scare prospective voters away from him.

His media director released the following statement to clear up this confusion.


Dear #CruzCrew,

Today, the Idaho Falls Post-Register posted a letter questioning what would happen to the Idaho National Laboratory under Cruz's "Five for Freedom" plan that eliminates the Dept. of Energy.  In response, we have submitted the following Letter to the Editor.  No word yet if they will publish but I wanted to get it out to those who may have to deal with this issue over the next 36 hours and beyond.  Feel free to use this letter publicly, FB, messageboards, comments sections, or wherever useful..

Here's the original letter:

And our response:

Dear Editor:

In response to Mr. Craven’s letter (“The INL and Ted Cruz,” March 6), the people of Idaho should know that Cruz strongly supports the mission of Idaho National Labs.  

As part of Cruz’s “Five for Freedom” spending reform plan, Cruz states: “a few programs--such as the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Nuclear Defense Capabilities, and cleanup and decontamination programs--maintain our security and should be transferred to other departments."

The Idaho National Laboratory fits squarely within that provision, as it has functions that are critical to our defense and national security.  The INL will therefore be preserved and moved to the Department of Defense.

Please find out more information at

Alice Stewart
Communications Director
Cruz for President

There will always be a role for the federal government. Every elected official, conservative or otherwise, should invest time and resources to ensure efficiency and savings.

There is nothing wrong with that.

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