Saturday, March 5, 2016

Marco Rubio is Losing His Voice (and Lost the Race)

Marco Rubio continues to do a great service for the Republican Party.

Yes, I wrote it.

Why? Because he is finally kick the snot out of the spoiled brat Donald Trump!

"You repeated yourself five second ago!"


"You know what they about small hands!"

Rubio forgot one thing.

Everything about Donald Trump is small.

That's why he keeps seeing the word "Huge!"

Here is his latest campaign eblast:

Fellow Conservative,

I hope you watched the debate Thursday night, because if you did, you saw me lay out why we need a nominee with a vision for America's future -- who actually has solutions to the tough problems America faces, and isn't afraid to offer them.

I agree with Rubio on this point. We need more than talking hollow talking points or candidates who shoot blanks and cannot hit their targets.

Donald Trump can't be our nominee because whenever he gets asked for a policy position or idea, he can't offer anything but personal attacks in response.

I want more than a raucous radio disc jockey.

But you might have noticed I sounded a little hoarse making that case. In fact, I've been told that if I don't rest, I'm going to lose my voice.

Marco Rubio is competing with more forces against him.

Marco Rubio is losing his voice ... (*Gasp*)
The media darlings have abandoned him.

The establishment and elected officials are rallying to his side, and yet their support is not helping.

In fact, all this Washington Love is probably hurting him even more.

Here's the thing: I won't rest. I'm not going to rest until Donald Trump is defeated and we have a nominee who can offer real ideas for Americans and who can beat Hillary Clinton.

Yes, Rubio, we will have a nominee, and his name will not be Donald Trump!

So who knows what I'm going to sound like in a week or two. Will you be my voice?

No, but I appreciate all your efforts on diminishing the Donald!

I'm going to be all over the country on the campaign trail this weekend, but I need your help. I can't stop Donald Trump alone.

It's about what we're saying, not how we say it. We have the ideas and the vision to restore the American Dream and help working Americans -- but we need to get the message out, and that's expensive.

I am working to promote someone better situated to win.

We're trying to raise $300,000 in the next 24 hours.

Let's join our voices together -- chip in to say you don't want Trump as your nominee, and you do want someone with a vision for America to lead and prosper in the 21st Century.



Marco, with whatever is left of your voice -- please use it to drop out of the race.

And use your voice to endorse the most consistent and principled conservative in the race:

Ted Cruz!

Thank you.

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