Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Dear Establishment: Bow Down to Cruz

I love what is happening to the Republican Party.

Is it fracturing? Is is growing? Will it disappear and never be seen again?

The conservative movement is gaining momentum. The hard-working, free market advocates will no longer keep holding their noses for Democrat-lite, for socialism on a cracker with pâté.
They want limited government, and it must mean more than slowing the growth of spending. They will not take "No" for an answer. They will not permit the Constitution to serve as a set of meager suggestions for a corrupt and entitled political class.

They want more local control, which requires a diligent effort to cut Washington down to size and make our Main Streets and civic centers the center of American life.

Whether they like it or not, the strongest--and best--alternative to Donald Trump is US Senator Ted Cruz.

The Washington power brokers, the K Street lobbyists, and every major interest which profits from cronyism and collusion have wanted to get rid of this Constitutional champion.

He was a disruptor. Someone who stood on principle, and still does.

When he campaigned against power for power's sake, he meant it.

Some of his critics have cited his ineffectiveness.

Others have pointed out his showmanship which borders on brinkmanship.
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"How can any man govern as President if he routinely stops routine in the US Senate and stifles the passage of legislation?" The Establishment mutters over and over.

What message have the voters been sending to Washington for the past six years?

They want an end to the Big Government status quo!

And yet it continues unabated, but rather abetted by cowardly lawmakers more concerned about the donor class than the voting masses.

This disdain ends this year.

Where will the Washington Establishment turn this time? They have Madam Hillary only, since she does whatever the Big Banks have paid her to do. She cashed in hundreds of thousands of dollars from the major stock brokers, who stalk homeowners with the blessing of well-connected bureaucrats in DC.

Hillary Clinton is a total shill for every special interest, and thus she fits in perfectly with the Democratic Party, an amalgam of disparate ideologies looking to make a buck off of those who work.

Bernie Sanders is more honest about his warmed-over communism. His authenticity inspires the true believers in our nation's midst. They are not warming up to cold-shoulder Hillary.

The Washington Cartel, Big Business, Big Governor, Big Labor, and all the other government bullies are getting the punches back in their faces, and twice as hard!

Dear Washington Cartel, what are you going to do now? The red pill gives you Donald Trump, who loves to assault our eyes and ears on the TV. Like a loquacious dinner guest, he will eat all the food on your plate and spill his wine on your lap. Trump is out to have fun--all at your expense.

Then there's Ted Cruz. He is the bootstraps to billionaire, pit-to-the-palace father  figure.

He will let you eat the fruits and veggies that you need. No fine linen for you, but he will respect you enough to keep in your place and teach you to like it.

See, Ted Cruz is teaching you insiders that the government is for "We the People", not "We the Well-Connected".

The outsiders are coming back, and we will not be forced to the back.

Trump lies while laughing in your face. Cruz is telling you the truth. You are no longer in charge, and you never should have been.

You have to pick your poison, you not-so powerful power brokers.

Why not choose the heavy discipline? It will work out for you in the end.

Donald Trump will not only trump you, but double down on what you have been doing for the past thirty years. Except his authoritarian will will benefit only himself.

Establishment politicians, you are not getting the amnesty you wanted.

Establishment, you are not getting the bailouts you paid for.

Establishment, it's time to take a hint.

Dear Establishment, now you must bow to Ted Cruz!

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