Wednesday, March 16, 2016

John Kasich: Rainbow Nazi

Election 2016 is getting tighter by the minute, and the chances of choosing a good candidate from the diminishing GOP field is getting more difficult.

Never have the stakes been higher. We need to send the message loud and clear: no more left-wing demagoguery in our midst!

Now, I am no fan of the current front-runner, the deranged Oompa Loompa of politics, Donald Trump. Hyped up by an irresponsible media and an enraged voter electorate, he is taking over the political chocolate factory, and leaving anything but a sweet taste in people’s mouths.
I will vote for him by necessity, since Le Grand Orange is better than Weekend at Bernie Sanders or “Madam” Hillary Clinton in the general election. For the record, I am not waiting for someone else to make America Great Again. Anyone of us can put that cap on and make a difference in our local communities.

As of November, 2015, I am a Ted Cruz fan. I really like the guy, but was holding out for conservative governors. First Scott Walker dropped out, followed by Bobby Jindal, and so I choose Ted Cruz. Conservative, Spiritual (he prays in tongues, and that works for me!), and dedicated to the proposition that all men are born to be free!

Besides the Donald,  there are two candidates still bitterly clinging to whatever faint chances they think they have of winning anything in the Republican nomination: Marco Rubio and John Kasich.
Even though Rubio has slightly more delegates, he has no discernable pathway to the nomination.
John Kasich
The fact that he is urging Ohio voters to support Ohio Governor John Kasich instead of himself shows the death throes of his middling campaign. Little Marco is only making a bigger fool of himself by staying in the race. Does he really think that he can win enough delegates to force a brokered convention?

The more dangerous thorn in this country’s side, however, sides with Ohio Governor John Kasich.
Kasich is the anti-conservative, a liberal homilarian who wants everyone to give everyone else a big hug (and other people’s money) and call it a day. This is “compassionate conservatism” on steroids, and after eight years of Bush 43, this country needs some stone hard facts about taming our national debt and deficit, and no more preaching “Islam is a religions of peace.”

We are in a culture war, and hugs and kisses won’t cut it. Unicorns farting classical music and spewing rainbows, while fanciful, are pure fantasy in the face of radical hatred trying to destroy Western civilization abroad, and individual liberty here at home. Kasich not only wants to cave to Big Homo and the other Big Lefty rioters in our midst. He has now ordering us to do the same.
I have written before that Kasich is a total fraud. A religious con artist, a con-fidence man who gives the impression that he has yours, mine, and our best interests at heart. He has distorted Scripture to fit his limited, ungodly ends. He shamed fellow lawmakers in Ohio to take the Obamacare kool-aid, even though charity is a voluntary action, and anything from the government is taken by force, nothing more.

Now I can share here on Barb Wire why Kasich needs to be put in a case and shipped off forever.
Kasich’s next to latest debate should sound the alarms for all individual liberty—especially religious liberty—proponents in this country. Hughl Hewitt asked Kasich about the religious liberty issue. The gist of his question came down to: “If a gay couple wants a wedding cake, bake it!”

Kasich’s answer was straightforward, and yet straitening in regards to individual liberty:

Well, you know, of course. I mean, if — look, I was involved in just being a pioneer in a new church. Religious institutions should be able to practice the religion that they believe in. No question and no doubt about it.

Kasich is talking Obama’s talking points. “Freedom of religion” becomes “freedom of worship”, where you and I must subjugate our conscience to the public good outside, but in church, we can say and believe whatever we want.

Uh … I don’t think so!

Kasich caved more:

Now, in regard to same-sex marriage, I don’t favor it. I’ve always favored traditional marriage, but, look, the Court has ruled and I’ve moved on.
Who gives a rat’s butt what any court has ruled? As believers in Christ, we will one day judge angels! Besides, Mike Huckabee could not have stated it better: “The Supreme Court is not the Supreme Being”.

I also wrote as much right after the awful gay marriage SCOTUS decision: “The Supreme Court is not Supreme”

Kasich goes further:

And what I’ve said, Hugh, is that, look, where does it end? If you’re in the business of selling things, if you’re not going to sell to somebody you don’t agree with, OK, “today I’m not going to sell to somebody who’s gay, and tomorrow maybe I won’t sell to somebody who’s divorced.”

Kasich deliberately misconstrued the issue. Christian business owners have the right not to participate in certain activities.

Freedom of commerce permits individuals to decide whom to serve, or not.

When Kasich said “Make a cupcake”, I thought of his new title:

Rainbow Nazi.

Granted, he is not a flaming homosexual activist.

Yes, he helped balance budgets.

Yet he wants us to balance the truth with the errors of the Left, and wrap it up in a nice multi-colored bow tie. No such thing. He is promoting evil, but with a colored band to cover up the perversion. This is tyranny with a happy face on it. Bake that cake, or get beat down! Accommodate rabid homosexual activists, or go to jail!

Sorry for all the colorful metaphors, but I need to send this message loud and clear.

You want to preserve, protect, and promote individual liberty in our land?

Say no to “Rainbow Nazi” Kasich, and you will find a pot of gold at the end!

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