Thursday, March 10, 2016

It's Time to Choose Ted Cruz!

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant figured it out. Former Governor Haley Barbour resisted, then went along with Phil. Chuck Norris and Carly Fiorina came to the party, too. Idaho, Kansas and Maine were already getting down and having a good time.

Election 2016 is the year of the Grassroots. And the highlight? It’s Donald Trump v. Ted Cruz.
More people are waking up. It’s time to choose Ted Cruz.

Please, before you start shouting “Establishment” at me, consider the front-runner whom many people are falling for.

Donald Trump has stood on every side of every issue. He was pro-abortion until two years ago.
He hired illegals to work on construction projects in the early 1990s. He admitted then that he did not know. He still has illegals working in his corporate empire. “It’s all legal”, he answers. So, on Day One, will he repeal the DACA and DAPA executive frauds? He wants to build a big, beautiful wall along the Southern Border, and yet he recently panders and dithers, giving the impression that he favors touch-back amnesty: send them out, then let them come back. He wants to repeal Obamacare, then declares that he likes the individual mandate.

Is anyone really listening to this guy? He says just about anything he wants to, and then doubles back on it, as if words really don’t mean anything.  I guess he thinks he can tell the Ayatollah “You’re Fired!”, and that will make the whole Middle Eastern mess go away? Not quite. Remember, Trump pledges to be passionately … neutral on Israel. What a schmuck. 
A crass media-hog who says whatever he wants to, and resorts to name-calling: Trump is not Presidential material. He is not just anti-PC, he is anti-morality.

Yet the conservative consensus has struggled to contain this guy. Why? People are angry, and anyone with a hint of Washington attached to him gets tagged DOA. I have a real problem with that. Voters should not only plead for experience alone, but also for a consistent, conservative, and connected legacy.

Ted Cruz has all of that.

Ted Cruz not only called Mitch McConnell a liar to his face, but repeatedly drove former Majority Leader Harry Reid up the wall. Cruz quoted the liberal Nevada Democrat’s own words against him. He sparred and beat down other not-so leading liberal lights in the upper chamber too.

Cruz voted for TPA? He regretted it and voted against the final deal. Don’t like his prior stance on H-1B visas? He apologized and changed his mind. Donald Trump doesn’t think he has to ask GOD for forgiveness. We already have such arrogance in the White House. His wife works for Goldman Sachs? And your point? Cruz has voted against Big Business, Big Banks, and Big Bureaucrats every time in the US Senate. Who cares where his wife works?!

But the Establishment is not going down without a fight. Whether they like it or not, the Old Guard of power first, and principles later—much later: they are giving way to a new conservative order.
Former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has warned the masses to reject Trump. This from the same guy who declared to the Miami donors: “47% of this country is poor, entitled  people who will never vote for me.”

It's Time to Choose Ted Cruz!
Go away, Mittens. Leave the fight to someone who can swing and hit the target.

Cruz stood up to Ethanol. He is the only one preaching for individual liberty. The Establishment is stuck between Cruz and Trump, and they are bowing to Cruz. Even social moderates are now supporting him, whether they like it or not. Cruz has fought for the toughest issues of our times, and I trust that he will continue the fight when elected President of the United States.

To all my fellow conservatives/Trump supporters, I quote Oliver Cromwell: “I Beseech You, Think it Possible You May Be Mistaken!” You’re angry? Take a deep breath, count to ten. Vote for someone who manipulates the media, but not your emotions. Vote for the man who respects you, me, and this country.

It’s time to choose Ted Cruz.

The Washington Cartel hates Cruz, yet Trump slammed him because Rubio scored all the endorsements from his fellow Senators. And? House conservatives have endorsed Cruz, including Tea Party favorite Raul Labrador of Idaho. When they passed a bill to defund Obamacare, Cruz rallied to their support. The House conference is merely recognizing his loyalty.

Besides, most of Rubio’s supporters—Santorum, Tim Scott, and US Senator Jim Risch of Idaho—cannot give one good reason why they chose Rubio. They fear Trump as Big Drag on the national ticket. The New York Values Republican is drawing out an unprecedented voter pool, and not just from former Democrats who switch over. I am not worried about the Trump anchor. Madam Hillary is a downer for Democrats, since she represents everything that Middle America hates: lying politicians who benefit themselves and their politically-connected donors at the expense of the rest of us. As for Weekend at Bernie Sanders, his zealous socialist rhetoric is a joke with the worst punch-line: government supremacy and interminable poverty for all.

After five months of watching the Donald torch every establishment-tapped contender, now it’s time to burn him away. So glad that Jeb is gone, along with every other flaky Republican more interested in cashing out big donors rather than representing the little guy. And Kasich? Another push-over, pro-Obamacare hack who boasts about light-weight endorsements from another wannabe outsider, Arnold Schwarzenegger. As a California conservative who voted for Tom McClintock in 2003, I can assure you: a loud-mouth populist will not only disappoint, but set back our cause for years.

Donald Trump was the Grassroots’ revenge against cronyism and broken promises. Like a Deus Ex Machina of divine intervention, Trump is wreaking havoc in the old established order. Now we need to vote for the real thing, a constitutional conservative champion who is already making America great again.

It’s time to choose Ted Cruz.

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