Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A Growing Evangelical Tide Against Trump?

A twice-divorced, womanizer?

A New York values reality show TV star?

A failed businessman with as much class as a painted dump truck?

Those are the remarks from anti-Trump forces.

And yet Evangelicals in growing numbers seem to support him for President.

Actually, Evangelical voters are split, and a plurality has sided with Trump, even while a growing number of religious leaders and spiritual heads in the Body of Christ oppose him. Nominal Christians are big supporters of Donald Trump, according to one poll, but more devout believers hold him in doubt.

Some evangelical lawmakers, like Congressman Reid Ribble (R-Wisconsin) have denounced Donald Trump for his perceived, brazen arrogance. Ribble asks: “Does Donald Trump exemplify the teachings of the Christian Church, not in how he may lead the country but in how he has lived his life … ?”

Reid answers “No”, and urges a “Heavens No!” vote on Trump.

Pastor and Biblical commentator Max Lucado did not directly reject Trump, but offered a general demand of “Decency for President”. Lucado cannot understand how any man would publicly slam, trash, and mock people, then call himself a “Bible-believing Christian.” If Trump becomes the face of America, he needs to change his ways, Lucado claims.

Trump boasts: “Nobody reads the Bible more than me”, yet he cannot name his favorite verse. He also claims he has never asked God for forgiveness.

Trump is turning off Evangelical voters who see him more like a Bible-trumper.

He has signaled support for his pro-abortion sister/federal judge. He supports funding Planned Parenthood.

He has a weak, nominal understanding of Christianity.

His strongman approach to leadership, especially the military, should raise major concerns. During a debate, he stated that the army should do whatever he asks, even if it means targeting innocent civilians in the Middle East, or family members of terrorists.

Donald Trump wants to incorporate the harsher British libel laws, which would make it much easier to prosecute the press for criticism of public figures. This is a scary thought, and a major violation of the First Amendment.

And what kind of example does he leave for our children? Moral leaders fear that he will hasten the United States’ moral decline if elected.

A momentum of “No Trump” Evangelicals is rising.

But at this stage of the Election 2016 Presidential primary, will it matter?

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