Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Establishment Chokes on Its Hate, Supports Ted Cruz

US Senator Lindsey Graham (RINO-South Carolina) is now supporting and fundraising for ...

Ted Cruz?!

That's right!

Here are his reasons.

CNN reports:

Graham thought Cruz would kill the Republican Party.

"If you're a Republican and your choices are Donald Trump and Ted Cruz in the general election, it's the difference between being poisoned or shot. You're still dead."

The flimsy US Senator admitted on Face the Nation that one can always take an antidote to be cured of poison. I would go one step further. Medicine does not always taste good, and sometimes the patient thinks the remedy is worse than the pain of the current ailment.

In the case of Ted Cruz, he needs to swallow and learn to live.

Graham considered Cruz a phony.

"Ted Cruz, at his core, is an opportunist when it comes to his political career. He has an ideological bent that won't sell with the American people. And when it came time to say what Ted Cruz has done in the Senate, what he's done is run down other Republicans. He hasn't solved any problems."

That is simply not true. Unprecedented numbers have appreciated his tough stance on immigration, health care (he filibustered to defund the terrible and still very unpopular program), He has consistently vote against Big Business, Big Government, Big Amnesty, and every other special interest squeezing the little guy out of his money and freedom.

Graham thought Cruz was terrible on foreign policy.

"I think he's been just as wrong as Obama, if not worse."

This is the strangest and stupidest critique yet. Cruz declared during his first debate: "If you join ISIS, you have signed your death warrant!"

Well! What  more does a national security hawk want?

Graham hated Cruz so much, he's joked about murdering him.

"If you killed Ted Cruz on the floor of the Senate, and the trial was in the Senate, nobody would convict you."

Now, Graham sees Cruz as the only candidate left with the chances of killing Donald Trump's takeover of the GOP nomination at the Cleveland convention.

All of that culminated in Graham supporting Cruz for president.

"I'm going to help Ted in any way I can."

If this is not a win for pro-grassroots, anti-Establishment forces, then I do not know what is.

Not just Lindsey Graham, by the way, but the failed Election 2012 nominee Mitt Romney announced that he was voting for Ted Cruz in Utah. Nikki Haley switched her endorsement from the failed Marco Rubio to the still viable Cruz. Democrats are supporting Ted Cruz because they trust his character.

Isn't this what Republican leaders have been praying for?!

Reports indicated that of the remaining Republican contenders for the Presidency, Rubio recognizes that Cruz is the most conservative. At any time, Rubio's delegates could go to Cruz, too.

Let us bear in mind that one Establishment candidate after another crashed, ,and Cruz is still cruising. The  Washington Cartel cannot stop him, just as they failed to stop Trump. John Kasich wants to be their last hope, but he can only serve as a spoiler at a brokered convention, nothing more.

They need to swallow their pride and get behind Ted Cruz, if they want to support a reliable, electable, and viable conservative for the White House.

Even though the seasoned senior members of the US Senate claim that Cruz has no supporters, the most outspoken pro-liberty member of the caucus, Mike Lee of Utah, endorsed Cruz.

Despite months of anti-conservative machinations, the Establishment must choke on its own hatred and support the candidate who represents everything they have fought against.

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