Sunday, March 6, 2016

More Cuda-Hate from Adrian Lokz

Adrian Lokz, who hides behind a pseudonym, attacked me again on Facebook Direct Message.

He is an illegal alien, and he thinks that it is wrong for We the People Rising to protest the corruption and lawlessness of the Southeast LA city councils.

Here were his latest comments, which may illustrated where there remains so much confusion about

 it must make you feel like a bigger "man"(for any one who considers you one) to harass two undocumented kids who are probably young enough to be your kids... 

That is a fraud. I am 35 years old. Francisco Medina is 30, and Julian Zatarain is 21. They are not "kids" by an stretch of the imagination.

you want to ask them questions you already know.. you must be stupid or something.. listen to what you say for once.. you just said that you wanted to ask 2 "illegal immigrants" their status... if you already know the answer to that question.. why in the hell do you ask.. 

Any uestions about status stressed whether they had been sworn in already, or if the city had conducted background checks on the two illegals.

oh wait i know.. to give them a hard time.. many americans believe there is illegal immigrants whos only crime was to cross a line from one country to another, but in return they are helping make this country a better place.. 

That statement is a disgrace in and of itself. Individuals who live in this country illegally and flaunt it as something to take pride in are eroding the very element which makes this country great: The Rule of Law.

Notice the personal attacks. Notice the incapacity to discuss anything without resorting to hatred.

you need to respect that..we are all entiled to our own opinions... you dont need to go after those 2 boys you have to go after the people who have the power to make and create such changes you find illegal.. 

Once again, the two illegal aliens are not "boys", but their actions are destructive and immature.

i can speak on this subject because i was brought to this country at the age of 3 illegally i went to school here i worked and paid taxes (without receiving income tax return at the end of the year)

This is a lie, too. If this man has not filed an income tax form, then he is NOT paying taxes.

Cuda-hater Adrian Lokz

The illogic and even self-deception is staggering.

 i followed the law and in return i was granted permanent residence by INS.. does that sound so bad??? i dont think so.. and many undocemented people are doing or trying to do what i did.. but people like you who dont care to look at the good side of their ordeal are making it harder for them...

If this man is now a legal resident, then what excuse do "those boys" have? NONE! And those individuals are not "undocumented"--they are illegal. The fact that illegal panderers cannot tell the difference is very telling--and disturbing!

 all hispanics that follow what you stand for must hate their people or live a misserable life because somewhere along the road even you have family members (ancestors) who went thru the same struggles i have..

Now he is exposing his own racism. The Hispanic residents who oppose the appointments of the two illegal aliens live in Huntington Park, and many of them do not have the time to attend the city council meetings.

One of those Hispanic residents is Councilmember Valentin Amezuita, who has worked with the FBI to expose corruption in the city, too.

Final Reflection

For a man who impugns my courage, he does not have much to say hiding behind a pseudonym.

Such is the force of hatred. People hide rather than stand and shine out for what they believe in.

Notice that he took the necessary steps to become a legal resident. Why didn't the two illegal aliens on the city commissions in Huntington Park do the same thing? What is this really all about?

An erosion of national sovereignty, of citizenship, of the rule of law, of all the values which our nation  holds dear. This action was a petty political stunt, one which put Huntington Park in the media spotlight, but not for any good reason.

These are communistic agendas, dedicated to cultural marxism, all designed to eradicate the Judeo-Christian values on which every thriving civilization survives.

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  1. you speak as if you live in a black and white world , yes there is laws that need to be followed..but some are very political one being immigration.. alot has changed since those laws went into effect... alot was not thought well trhu... i think you come on too strong on a subject that is very sensitive specially in these times.. its ok to stand up for what you beleive but you have to see things from different angles.. thats why even DC has a tough time with immigration related issues.. they are not as simple as they seem.. dont let a plain law get to you.. you have to be more open minded.. think outside the box.. your truly adrian lokz