Thursday, March 10, 2016

Undocumented Politician (Redux) by Chanell Temple

Undocumented Politician

The following phrase should be considered a known fact
And is completely the opposite of an Honorable Mention
Whenever you Fail the People … their Representative
You are a Dysfunctional “Undocumented Politician”
Where is your documentation giving you permission to Destroy?
American Families who are now homeless, jobless and unemployed
Do you have documentation allowing you to cause such a division?
If you do, who gave you the right to make that decision?
Where is the paperwork stating you can focus your Hate?”
On attacking American Communities not allowing them anything to say
What happen to our Constitution and our Bill of Rights?
You have left us NO other Recourse, but to Stand-Up and Fight
And how dare you have the nerves……. to advertise these words
“See Something…... Say Something”  
But when we try to tell you what’s wrong in our Communities
 “You Do Absolutely Nothing!”
Vicious, malicious, arrogant, ignorant, deceiving, misleading,
Lying, conniving, vengeful, sinful, greedy, conceded  
Corrupt Dysfunction “Undocumented Politician”
And those are your good traits; we don’t want to Fail to Mention
Chanell Temple
You are the prime example of a government gone wrong
You think you have a divine right to function on your own
You have leaded our country into a tremendous terrible fall
You put Corruption in our communities with your bad judgment calls
But……..We Stand United to Expose you, because
Taxation   without   Representation”  is a serious crime
We know you are  i n c o m p e t e n t   as a Politician
And should be somewhere in JAIL serving time
So keep this in mind...“The Sheep...are no longer Asleep”
And “We The People”  are tired of your lies and deceit
You are a Dysfunctional “Undocumented Politician”
And you are a Disgrace  instead of an Honorable Mention.

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