Tuesday, March 22, 2016

My Comments to the Torrance City Council--March 22, 2016

Good Evening, Torrance City Council.

My name is Arthur Schaper long-time resident of Torrance CA, and life-long citizen.

There are a number of topics which I wish to discuss with the city council, but I will focus primarily on moving for the dismissal of Patrick Furey Jr. from the traffic commission.

This commissioner, the son of the current mayor, has been cited at least three times in print for campaign finance offenses.

Three times!

The first offense:

From the Daily Breeze:

The commission issued a warning letter to the Justice Political Action Committee over automated telephone calls placed to Simi Valley residents during a 2012 municipal election campaign.
The FPPC “found that he failed to include required language stating that the calls were not authorized by a candidate or a committee controlled by a candidate,” according to the letter.”

From the March 7th, 2016 Meeting

The second offense:

“Patrick Furey, as the councilman’s son is known, was fined for his role in creating a slate mailer called the P.T.A. Voter Guide that caused an uproar in the education community last fall because some believed it was deceptive.”

The third offense, which now requires Patrick to pay $17,500 fine:

“Orchestrating the collusion between the PAC and Furey’s campaigns were the mayor’s son and campaign consultant, Patrick Furey Jr., and his business partner, Hasan Roberson, the FPPC investigation found.”

I now address my ongoing concerns and frustrations with the majority of members of this council for not doing anything.

Granted, city commissioners serve at the pleasure of the council, and can be removed for the same reasons.

Last April, Arthur Plourde was removed from the Torrance Library Commission because he was pursuing a personal agenda, and was allegedly abusing his role as commissioner to interfere in other city matters.
Now, you clearly have a sitting commissioner who has violated campaign regulations, and yet he still remains on the commission?!

Mr. Goodrich speaks about the quality of the air and took time to address the removal of the executive director from the California South Coast Air quality  Management District. He  sought concurrence for a letter to the District in their search for a  replacement.

Councilwoman Ashcraft sought concurrence to have an agenda item to remove Patrick Furey Jr. removed from the Traffic Commission. Yet no one said anything.

Air quality matters, but so does integrity for our city governance, and the latte deserves greater attention.

It is shameful and disheartening that only one person sought action on this matter. All of you should have concurred with her request, and mine.

Thank you.

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