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ICYMI: No Pink Day In Gay San Francisco

Not only do I follow the news in Los Angeles, but I subscribed the media outlets fro

When I read this articles, I was really surprised!

A gay pride event ... cancelled in San Francisco?

Has hell frozen over again?!

The annual street party that has taken place in San Francisco the night before the city’s gay pride parade will not go on this year.

Pink Saturday, which has attracted throngs to the Castro neighborhood for decades, has been canceled.

The Bay Area Reporter first reported the event’s end Thursday night.

What gives? Wasn't that event a key feature of the San Francisco/Bay Area scene?

Supervisor Scott Wiener, who represents the area, confirmed the development to KQED.

Last year, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, the event’s longtime organizer, withdrew from the event.

Here is a snapshot of the "Twisted Sisters":

Also check out these photos:

 These photos are a joke. What exactly are these individuals celebrating?

The San Francisco LGBT Community Center took it over in 2015 with financial help from the city.

But the organization is not in a position to continue putting the event on, Wiener said, and no one else has come forward.

This more good news. The homosexual lobby is losing support in San Francisco of all places. What is going on?

“No other community groups have expressed interest in taking over this large street party, ” Wiener said in an emailed statement. “As a result, there won’t be a street closure this year.”

"No other community group". Interesting.

Daniel Bergerac, president of the Castro Merchants association, expressed sadness about the news.

“It’s definitely the sign of an end of an era of a very community-focused Castro,” Bergerac said in an interview. “To produce an event like this really requires a big labor of love and a lot of time and a lot of effort and a lot of people, and clearly those people just aren’t here any more.”

Here is a biological fact. Homosexual relationships cannot form communities. It takes a family--one man and one woman, to create community. It is amazing to many why politicians--left or right--continuing ascribing a societal or an identity aspect to a behavior, one which causes disease, dysfunction, death, and the dissolution of communities.

A Los Angeles Times article identified that more families--one man and one woman--were moving into the Castro District. Another article indicated that the West Hollywood City Council (one another Mecca for homosexuals) debated whether to remove the six-colored rainbow flag.

Why? Because West Hollywood's increased diversity could not be overshadowed or covered by the symbol of "gay pride".

There's more surprising news about the cancellation of Pink Saturday ...
San Francisco, the City by the Bay

At the same time, many Castro residents have called for Pink Saturday to be canceled, Bergarac said.

No kidding!

“It’s almost a victim of its own success,” he said. “It just got so big and so popular and very hard to control, and for a lot of people it was a scary event.”

It was a scary event. Why? Perhaps forcing children and families of conservative sensibilities to witness the gross depictions of same-sex activity in public alarmed people?

Wiener says the city still expects a large number of people to be in the neighborhood that night (June 25), and officials are working on a plan to make sure the area is safe and clean “with access to portable bathrooms.”

The neighborhood’s merchants are also expecting crowds, even though there’s no organized party.

“I think people in the  Bay Area are genetically programmed to come to the Castro the Saturday before Pride,” Bergerac said, noting that after the city canceled the annual Halloween party in the neighborhood, people still celebrated in the area.

Genetically programmed? People are born to party in San Francisco? How?

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence had organized Pink Saturday since 1995.

But in recent years it had trouble paying for security costs associated with the event after a number of violent incidents. In one case, a member of the group was attacked, along with his husband, by people who shouted homophobic slurs at them.

What?!  The media spends a great deal of time and space reporting on violence from the #BlackLivesMatter crowd, as well as the violent eruptions at Donald Trump rallies.

Why nothing about the violent outbreaks in pro-gay gatherings?

Bergarac says that over time the Castro has undergone a big change.

“It’s gone from a predominantly gay neighborhood to now being a predominantly mixed neighborhood,” he said, adding that the ties to pride events are not as strong as they used to be.

Of course not! I just referenced some articles above pointing out the diminution of those "ghettoes".

“Gay men are welcomed in Hayes Valley and Pacific Heights and the Marina as much as they are welcome in the Castro, and that wasn’t always the case,” Bergerac said. “We’re not clustered into our own little ghettos anymore.

“The sad part is, for men my age and older, we sort of reminisce about that time when there was that tight-knit community, when we needed that community.”

The biological facts cannot be disputed. Community rests on family--one man, one woman. Community reuires children, progency, a birthed legacy of traditions and values taught from parents to children.

This is not bigotry. It's biology!

Even San Francisco cannot run away from this unalterable truth.

Final Reflection

I have never understood why political parties or local leaders have caved to militant homosexual activists. The whole concept is based on a lie, that men and women are born with a predisposition toward homosexual tendencies. The genetics, the logic, the historical legacies simply do not affirm any truth to the notion that heterosexuality is an identity, one which should be accommodated or protected, especially at the expense of individual liberty.

To witness the epicenter of the homosexual movement lose power, influence, and prominence suggests that there is a growing awareness of the truth. Men and women do not have to abandon their natural functions and interests. They do not have to cede their lives and well-being to an ideology with no basis in fact, and one which has caused untold damage to many.

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