Monday, August 22, 2011

Tripoli Taken: Gadhafi on the Run

The Rebels have taken Tripoli.

Gadhafi is on the run.

The 42-year reign of terror is drawing to violent, protracted close.

One Arab Spring, scores of oppressed rising up across the Arab World, and now even the most entrenched of strongmen are being swept away.

What will wash up on shore following the the global rebellious tide against status quo tyranny?

The United States has every right to rejoice, yet we must remain cautious. The Transitional National Council which members states have slowly recognized has yet to show its true colors, friend or foe of the West, Israel, and freedom for its people; or a more savage and radical Muslim regime dedicated to Sharia law.

At any rate, let the world rejoice to see one more outrageous, self-parodying dictator removed forever from power.

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