Sunday, August 7, 2011

Debt: The Gravest Security Threat

Admiral Mike Mullen is a class act all the way.

Acknowledging the need for fiscal discipline, he submits that the nation will have to make cuts to the military. Deficit Reduction is not only in the best interests of the United States domestically, but it is a certain necessity to keep us out of the choke hold of our enemies who currently clutch much of our debt, and now have the temerity to lecturing us on our fiscal profligacy (see China).

Two wars, troops widespread throughout the world, even in allied nations with their own standing armies, it is time that the United States tighten its belt concerning this sacred cow of the Republic, and the Republican party.

Admiral Mullen is admirable not only for setting aside his agencies for the chopping block, but also advocating for the men and women in uniform who have served this country. They and their families should not have to suffer losses in order that the United States gets its fiscal house in order.

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