Thursday, August 18, 2011

Response to LA Times' "Experts question power of state's new job czar"

Now here this! Now here this!

It has not, nor is, nor ever will be the job of the government, local, state, or national, to create jobs.

Yet Governor Jerry Brown has created one more job, a Job's Czar for Former Bank of America executive Michael E. Rossi. As if he needed the work.

Even if this is an unpaid position, it is an unjustified waste of press and time.

Rossi's position entails looking for barriers to job creation. Here's one: the entire bureaucratic apparatus in Sacramento, from self-serving legislators to a befuddled governor trying to look busy solving a problem out of his control. The same slovenly system that has hired him. Talk about "quid custodiet"!

Of course the state of California will remain at the mercy of national conditions. A federal government which cannot pay its own bills, even with borrowed money, has nothing to teach our messed-up, insolvent state!

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