Monday, August 8, 2011

Response to Article on "Men Speak"

Great article in "The Beach Reporter"!

I always felt the same away about women and over-information. My mother was the type who would talk at length about many issues, rarely letting me get a word in edgewise--as common occurence among men, certainly.

At first, I felt guilty, as if I owed her all the time that she need. Sometimes, I thought my father was simply callous and disconnected because he did not want to listen to her for a change and watch the football game. Once, he got so upset with her interruptions, that he tossed a wine battle in the backyard when she kept pestering him about where to place it. At first, I thought that he had gone way to far. Now, at least I have compassion for where he was coming from.

So many people seem to slight men as inattentive, insensitive, or uncaring. Your take on it was very uplifiting. Too much communication, ladies, and we miss the message entirely.

Also, I appreciate the tongue-in-cheek humility in that it was your son who made the famous--and infamous!--insight into your wife's verbosity.

Thanks again for the thoughts!

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