Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tea Party Movement vs. Tea Party Politicians

The Tea Party Movement is a quintessential example of spontaneous order.

Activist throughout the country have congregated to speak out against Big Government, Runaway spending, and the National Debts which is eating this country away.

Spontaneous order is essential to free markets, in which the indeterminate number of exchanges and processes which move economies along cannot be planned or outlined in advanced. The volatile tremors which spook investors or sway consumers simply cannot be predicted.

Furthermore, goods and services which rely on extensive time and management cannot be done by one supervising mind. One famous quip remarks: "You cannot make a pencil."

Since the power of the Tea Party Movement rests to a greater extent in its spontaneous order, political alliances would undermine its power to influence key legislators and enact necessary change.

The Tea Party Movement is a Go.

Tea Party Affiliation is acceptable.

Tea Party candidates are a no-go; just consider the unfortunate results of the special House election in upstate New York, in which another safe Republican seat went to a Democrat because a third-party tea-party spoiler.

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