Thursday, August 18, 2011

Israelis Brace for Palestinian Unrest over Thwarted Statehood

The concept of Palestinian State is a myth, pure and simple.

From 1948, when the United Nations officially ushered in the British Mandate to become Israel, the Arabs were offered the freedom to live in the same land.

Yet the Arab States raised a hue, breathing vile threats to push the Jews into the sea. To this day, the Palestinian region refuses to recognize Israel, labeling the land West of the West Bank as Occupied Territory.

Does the world sense the Arab Spring turning into a biter autumn for the Israelis, and a further harbinger of the "Iranian Winter" feared by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu?

Palestinian leaders demand to become Nation #194, the next state recognized by the United Nations. What will the world recognize?

A terrorist cell with its own elected leadership, divided into two territories which have daily assaulted the Jewish State.

And what would statehood guarantee for the Palestinians, who suffer more at the hands of the radical Muslim leaders who brainwash their people from infancy to hate Jews, Israel, and the West?

What international firms will want to invest in a nation more dedicated to the eradication of another state as opposed to the establishment of its own? Who will venture to build infrastructure in a land that touts Sharia law, which punishes minor offenses with execution by crucifixion?

The Palestinians Authority, Hamas, and Fatah can stir up all the hopes and bravado they wish, yet the West Bank will never be a self-reliant state on the world's stage. A cancerous offense persecuting free-thinkers and dispossessing all other faiths, the Palestinian authorities have no legitimacy, even if elected by the rabid crowds whom they have starved and cowed into supporting them.

The International community, including the Diplomatic Core of the United States, must accept once and for all that there will never be a Palestinian state. Such an outrageous fantasy of nation-building would only jeopardize the already-precarious state of Israel, the West, and even those Arabs who enjoy peace, prosperity in and dignity in the Jewish State--all privileges unheard of in all the committed Arab states in the Middle East.

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