Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bedtime for Bonzo, or The Revision of the Reagan Revolution

Ronald Reagan, the B-list actor turned A-list President, the consistent conservative who transformed Goldwater's wisdom into a winning electoral landslide sixteen, then twenty years later, is coming under attack lately.

Historians revisiting his legacy of anti-Big Government rhetoric, free-market investitures, and military build-up against the Soviet are striking out against the gargantuan debt devouring this country. They also are reconsidering the foreign policy which invested the Mujaheddin with arms first to beat back the Communists in Central America, then the Soviets in Afghanistan.

Even Michael Moore derisively remarked that Osama bin Laden, trained as an operative by the CIA, used his paramilitary skills to kill the three thousands people: 9-11.

No one would argue with any logical or moral caliber that Ronald Reagan is directly, or even indirectly, responsible for the Islamic Radical attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Nor do we regret his effective rhetoric to permit pundits, politicians, and the people to discuss the unsightly and unconscionable growth of government.

Yet in light of the policies which directed this country from a crushing recession into extensive economic recovery, which repositioned this nation from a feckless policy of detente to confrontation unwavering against the Soviet Union, the United States must craft different domestic and foreign policy for the current pressing issues, not simply mimic ape-like the moves of the 40th President, like Modern Day Bedtime of Bonzo types!

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