Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Three Senators survive recall in Wisconsin

Another blow to pro-union forces in the Dairy State, three out of six Republican state senators targeted for recall have survived Democratic challenge, keeping Republicans in control of both houses of the state legislature.

The clash of ideologies has not yet subsided, with two Democratic state senators also to face recall elections next week. Even if both of them surmount the challenge mounted against them, Republicans will still hold sway over the machinery of Madison.

With firm control of the Supreme Court, and Governor Walker firmly entrenched in the Executive Branch, the sweeping reforms which have crippled the public union’s grip over Wisconsin will remain unmoved.

Democrats have vowed to sponsor a recall against Gov. Walker as soon as he has completed one year in office. If current trends, along with maintained or growing ire against President Obama, the sluggish economy, and a do-nothing establishment in Congress, very likely Walker will survive the challenge in a walk and help turn a reliably blue state red for the 2012 Presidential elections.

Mid-Western outrage at the growth of government and the reduction of individual power has enraged enough voters to buck state party hegemony and usher in new wave of politicians intent on subduing the public sector against private initiative and burdens on the tax payer.

Good luck to Governor Walker and Company!

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