Monday, August 8, 2011

Response to Carlie Harris, Sr.

[From the Daily Breeze]

Buchanan shows true colors

We have known that Pat Buchanan is a racist and a bigot for a long time and should be immediately removed as a contributor on MSNBC.

Further, the election of President Barack Obama has brought out more racism and racists, even the closet ones, than since the civil rights movement.

We all know it's the color of President Obama's skin that is feeding the current sickness in our society. If things continue as they are now, I see the kind of uprising that's currently happening in the Middle East coming to the USA and I hope not, as we are a great country in spite of this.

- Carlie Harris Sr.

Mr. Harris' critique of Columnist Pat Buchanan ("Buchanan shows true colors") are more bigoted than he realizes.

Many people in this country, including myself, are not opposed to President Obama's domestic and foreign policies because of his color,or colors, for he is a man of diverse backgrounds. The American people are dissatisfied with his leadership, or more precisely, his lack thereof. During his short administration, he has doubled the federal deficit and exploded the national debt, travesties of governance which will harm this generation and those to follow. If race be a factor in the ongoing debate riling the Beltway and frustrating Main Street, consider the damage that a state-dependent mentality has done to the poor, minorities, and women, all who have looked to the government to see them through social and economic hardships, many of which were caused by the government!

If minorities wanted change they could believe in, I hope they took a cue from a noted civil rights leader and looked past the skin color to the content of the President's character. Sadly, what we have witness is an effete elitist whose disastrous fiscal policies coupled with executive inexperience are dragging this nation on the road to ruin. As Columnist Larry Elder noted earlier this week, President Obama should be grateful for the Tea Party, which has compelled him to steer a more centrist course, at the risk of further harming his Presidency and the nation.

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