Saturday, August 20, 2011

Response to Easy Reader News: "Crackdown"

Mr. Repohl's "Crackdown" is a crack-up on account of its crack pot notions about the cause and continuation of crime and social control in London, and the near fanatic adherence to the good will of the Welfare State, which is the root causes of the riots and disregard for human rights across the Western World.

The riots in London are a call for Moral Clarity. First of all, the moral equivalence of comparing Great Britain with the dictatorships of Burma and Bahrain is offensive and petulant. While those regimes in Asia and the Middle East have it made it their place to suppress not just political dissent, but any demontration of human rights among their peoples, Prime Minister Cameron is protecting the rights of all Britons to enjoy their life, liberty, and property free form the maurauding hatred of headstrong hoodlums for too long nursed to bite the government that has fed them again and again, to no avail.

This clarion call must declared loudly and clearly throughout the world: the social-democratic experiment of transferring wealth from the rich to the poor has exacerbated inequality, with bureaucracts enabling welfare dependents, who drop babies into the world without caring for them or rearing them to respect themselves, each other, or society as a whole. From the riots in over-pensioned underemployed Greece to the moral decadence of London slums, the era of Big Government as Big Brother and Nanny State is coming to a nasty, bitter end.

To call British Prime Minister's measures to stop the riots sweeping London streets a "repressive regime" in action is like calling the 2009 Obama stimulus "job creating", or our uncalled for actions in Libya coordinated, or the European social-democratic agenda of transfer-wealth-to-assist-all "successful."
Besides, If repressive, Cameron's coalition government is repressing "criminality, pure and simple." That is the proper role of government, a role which the United Kingdom has seemingly neglected for quite some time.

When a city is in a state of chaos, a stte of siege is appropriate. Rapid trials and immediate consequences for "petty offenses" prevent them from becoming a "grand wickedness" en masse of the miscreants who prevent law abiding citizens from walking the streets safely and freely. Cameron's London 2011 is facing drastic times, which call for drastic measures. If only the United States had seen that kind of anti-riot mobilization in New Orleans 2005 or Los Angeles 1992. Many innocent lives would have been spared, more property would have beem secured, and order more quickly restored in those large municipalities.

Repohl chides Cameron for being an absentee leader because he was spending an "idyllic vacation" in Tuscany. Yet unlike the chief executive of the United States, Mr. Cameron returned to his country's aid straightaway to, while our President takes in the sun against the backdrop of our markets, economy, and morale taking a dive.

Mr. Repohl insists that the rioters are fighting back against a government which has marginalized them, impoverished them, and has provided them no way out of their predicament. On the contrary, public housing, public assistance, and state mandated handouts of the Britishh Welfare State have propagated the near-permanent entitlement-mentality underclass which is sweeping the streets of London with rampant devastation.

In the United States, we faced a similar backlash in light of another progressive President who insisted that government intervention at all levels of society would end Povery and usher in a Great Society. The result: race riots, political upheaval, decay of law and order, and finally a Silent Majority who threw out politicians obsessed with the basic goodness of humanity, that merely needed a whole lotta peace, love, and taxpayer dollars.

Indeed, a "moral collapse" has been imminent in Great Britain because of the Welfare State, which has allowed Britons to get money and demand more of it without working. When members of a society feel no compunction to participate in their own lives or the well-being of their communities, they become rabid dependents who will fiercely defend to their death (and the deaths of their countrymen) the "right" to live off of them. Now that the bankrupted British Government has to cut back on the immoral entitlement culture whic it can no longer afford, angry welfare queens, deadbeats, and hotheads are taking to the streets, galvanized by an unjustified rage against the powers that be.

"The me-first-take-what-you-can culture" denounced by the Labour is a result of the welfare state, not corporate greed. The social programs which were meant to aid the downtrodden in society have merely given those same recipients permissen to trod down the public square with anti-social violence.

In short, the riots in London and throughout the United Kingdom are not a result of state repression of the poor, marginalized, and unemployed, but a consistent outcome from statist polices which create a poverty-entitlement mentality. The expectation of Big Government to pay the way of its citizens from the womb to the tomb has bred an outright contempt for authority and order--a dangerous build-up which must be dealt with right now. First, dismantle the welfare state which encourages shiftless dependence and deviance, then demand the restoration and reinvigoration

The British Government, and the world, must acknowledge once and for all that the Oliver Twists of Charles Dicken's day who would beg "Please sir, may I have some more?" have become the barbaric hordes of William Golding's "Lord of the Flies," who, having been reared to in the affinities of Western respectability, wreaking havoc, crying out: "'Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Kill the beast! Bash him in!"

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