Friday, August 26, 2011

Ron Paul surges to Second Place!

Ron Paul, libertarian of limited means and growing appeal, was snidely, and now perhaps prematurely, dismissed by the political class and the mainstream media (and even established conservatices of similar sympathies, like George Will). He is surging into the spot light.

He finished second place in the 2011 Iowa Straw Poll, he finished first in the AMPAC poll earlier this year.

Now his polling in a dead heat with Governor Rick Perry (whom Paul humorously cast as more extreme for his anti-government rhetoric) and Governor Mitt Romney.

The nation is catching Pual's libertarian spirit. Enough with Big Government! Enough with handouts, help outs, bailouts that impoverish the present and undermine the future!

No more wars with dithering missions, unclear in outcome from the outset. The American people are tired of wondering why the United States has invested both blood and treasure in one hostile of the region of the world after the other, only to see our time, money, and youth spent to mixed results with accompanying political dysfunction.

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