Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Minor Earthquake Hits the East Coast -- Major Earthquake Hitting the Nation

For the first time in decades, the East Coast Crowd has experienced a mild shaker, a tremor which Californians of all shakes have endured before, and with much better ease due to natural habit.

Some news outlets mocked the near-panic that engulfed pedestrians struck by the shaking while walking down the street. Some turned, some look around, some ran under awnings, but most had no idea what to do.

In one segment, one reported kindly chided the near uproar that "ensued" in one Virginia backyard, where the lawn furniture were gently cast to the ground as a result of the moderate aftershocks of the earthquake.

While worthy of a moment of mirth, this minor media distraction of has eclipsed the greater earthquake about to strike the nation: the national debt, whose fault lines are undermining the fiscal solvency and stability of this nation, both state-side and abroad.

Political forces are shifting Washington from beneath, demanding that federal politicians face the grave future facing this nation. If they do not get the government's outrageous spending under control, cut annual deficits, and pay off the national debt swallowing this country, we will have no ground to stand on, and there will be no escape from the utter calamity that will tremble through every institution public and private throughout the United States and the world.

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