Monday, August 29, 2011

Teacher Protest Poster: "Tax the Rich?" Outlaw the Rich!!

Once again, the overreaching public sector pounces on the rich, as though they have the solution to all our problems.

To the point, the public unions in the state of California have continued to cast the wealth as the unrighteous and unfair repository of all the money which the state needs but has been sorely lacking to fund public services, like education, police, and fire.

Specifically, they target Prop 13, which shackled the Sacramento from passing a tax increase without a two-thirds concurring vote from both chambers of the legislature, along with setting the property taxes for properties in 1978, until sold to another proprietor.

Yet what ails that state of California, like every other state in the Union and the Federal Government, is a spending problem, not a revenue problem.

Without Prop 13, politicians would have taxed the state raw, causing business and property owners to flee, a la New Jersey, where the Garden State endure 110 tax increases, yet shouldering the greatest percentage of public debt to GDP in the entire nation.

Instead of attacking those who have money and invest in wisely, state agencies would do better to economize in turn, or face the dreaded backlash of cuts and shut-downs which mark every state government across the country.

The Rich are not the problem. If properly heeded, their skills and finesse with finances would be the saving grace for the public sector.

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