Monday, August 8, 2011

Islamic Radicals Pushed Back in Somalia

The Arab Spring has ratcheted up to widespread violence in Syria, yet is has stalled in Libya, while the greatest threat to the region, Iran, still waits on the sidelines.

Without foreign attention or troop support, Somalia has repelled Al-Qaeda operatives once again.

In spite of the abysmal track record of failing states to protect themselves and their people, Somalia is holding its own against Al Qaeda.

This outcome should give war-hawk interventionists like Senator John McCain pause.

Regarding America's limited front against Libya, let us consider the fallout of military engagement off the Eastern Horn of Africa. After our troops left the region, Somalia once more fell into failed disrepair.

If Somali nationals can take care of their own, why do we insist on aiding rebels against Libyan Leader Moammar Gaddafi

The unreported victory in Somalia may do little to turn the tide on a large problem sweeping the region. At what point will Islamic militants threaten the entire Middle East and Northern half of the Africa? Al-Qaeda has made insidious inroads into Yemen, distressing the long-reigning President and stirring up tribal rivalries. With their continued underground infiltration and harassment of Afghanistan, the world's arsenal to fight back radical Islam may reach a dangerous breach.

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