Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Do not Cannibalize the Young!

Most parents dream of their children being able to care for themselves and then
care for them in return when the reach their declining years.

However, some of those children, especially adult children struggling to find work and support their families, can barely take care of themselves, let alone individuals within the widening class of graying citizens doing less and needing more in terms of health and welfare.

How would those parents react if someone told them that they were slowly cannibalizing the very young who they helped birth, rear, and send off into the world?

Most of them, if caring enough to have taken care of their children, would react in rapt and harsh tones that they are doing nothing of the kind.

Yet consider the considerable consequences of retirement entitlements swallowing up the United States' budget and economy at an alarming rate. Who is going to shoulder these immense burdens? Future generations face a declining quality of life at the hand of the state which is handing out comfortable provisions beyond what the original beneficiaries paid in.

How does the current generation expect the young to care for them and themselves in the wake of a sluggish economy, growing government burdens, and empty promises from the state, which cannot deliver on its own bills?

The young are being eaten from all sides. Who will save them now?

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