Thursday, August 11, 2011

Letter to Random Lengths News, San Pedro

I would think that liberals should realize that they see eye to eye with fiscal conservatives, include the much maligned Tea Party, on many issues.

Both groups, for example, have no problem with cutting military spending , getting this nation out of unnecessary foreign wars , and bringing our troops home.

Notice how recently-elected San Pedro Congresswoman Janice Hahn voted against raising the debt ceiling? I agreed with her vote, though I despised her reasons. Yet at least she was willing to stop the same business-as-usual compromises which have brought our government to the point of making promises which it can no longer keep. Even ultra-liberal Congressman Dennis Kucinich is protesting the vast encroachment of Big Brother into our daily lives. I think more people on the left ought to pay attention to how liberals are starting to talk and vote like Ron Paul and the Tea Party folk on the right!

At the center of this mess is Big Government which has gotten too big to finance all the entitlements which short-sighted politicians have obligated future generations to provide. The Tea Party wants to fix this problem, not throw Grandma off a cliff or force everyone to dig their own sewage systems and police their own streets.

Unlike most conservatives, I think that every penny stolen from people’s checks for social security should be given back to them, but nothing more. I also think that our veterans deserve far better than they are getting now, and that they should not have to depend on services strictly from the government. Need I mention the dilapidated and defunct Walter Reed Medical Center? Less government means more freedom, especially for those of greater need in our society.

The Tea Party wants to stop spending, limit government, and return power to the states and the people. That’s you and me! At the local level, we can better serve each other. What’s wrong with that?

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