Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Has Bibi made a Boo-Boo?

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claims that he is willing to use the pre-1967 Israeli borders as a starting point for negotiations.

Pundits on the right claim that Bibi is outflanking the Palestinians, merely rewording his previous stance with President Obama that reverting to pre-1967 borders would leave Israel "indefensible."

Critics on the left charge that this is mere political posturing to secure in his government in face of rising protests throughout the Jewish State against rising housing and food costs.

Whatever the reasons, Israel cannot surrender any more territory. In fact, Israel needs to take back what previous governments had foolishly traded away in the hopes of gaining peace.

Currently, the only indefensible action in Israel is the mounting domestic criticisms of the Israeli population, consumed with finding a place to live in a socialist state and bickering over cottage cheese, when the integrity of the nation's borders is at stake.

Israelis, wake up! So what if you have to pay more for cheese and a roof? At least you live in the land of milk and honey, promised by Jehovah to Abraham and his descendants. Prime Minister Netanyahu has enough problems safeguarding the Jewish State. The Jews living there, after nearly two thousands years of exile, ought to support him versus descending into these petty political upsets.

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