Monday, August 22, 2011

Jon Huntsman: Executive Experience, Same Romney Bind

Jon Huntsman pushes ahead for the Republican nomination for the Presidency. His executive experience is much needed, much wanted, yet also compromised. Sadly, he is in a bind similar to Romney, who has the practice, but whose legacy is tainted with the very liberalism that they are trying to run against and replace.

Just as Romney proved his prowess as presidential material, unfortunately, in a woefully liberal constituency, Mr. Huntsman is compromised by progressive political drag.

Unlike Romney, who served wholesome in a left-dragging state, Huntsman distinguished himself in one of the reddest states in the Union, and a Mormon community, to boot.

Yet his international star rose in light of his appointment as ambassador to China, an appointment he received from the Lead Liberal Loony himself, President Obama.

Huntsman's resume is crowed out not exclusively by the population he catered for, but the object of Republican, and growing American hatred. A man who served the opposing incumbent will be hard-pressed why he received a diplomatic post from the same man whom he wishes to replace. How will he dismiss the political affinity which drew the two together? Romney has Romneycare, painful reminded of the Obamacare mandate which the majority of Americans wish to repeal. Huntsman has the man himself draining the enthusiasm from his campaign.

Romney can attempt to explain away his state-mandate, or he can denounce it, as he has repudiated his moderate social views. Mr. Huntsman will have to shake free of the positional influence of the man who hired him, the same man whom he would be debating across the country up to election day. Huntsman has more than his work cut out for him.

Yes, Huntsman has the requisite executive experience to be President, and he has served as chief diplomat to China, major rival and reluctant trade partner. Yet his rise in the shadow of the very executive he wishes to replace casts a dark hue over his chances of winning the election, let alone the Republican nomination.

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