Monday, August 29, 2011

The Problem with Perry: And they are . . .? [Repsone to LA Time Editorial 8/28/2011

From the LA Times Editorial:

"Rick Perry is more rigidly conservative than [George W. ] Bush, more resistant to compromise and more anti-establishment."

At last, everything that this nation, overdone with tax-and-spend statist, has been looking for.

Social Security -- Rick Perry wants to initiate private accounts, which President George W. Bush attempt to initiate in 2005. Social Security is insolvent, whether the country and its citizens are willing to acknowledge it or not. Individuals deserve to keep every penny they earn, seeing none of it siphoned to compensate the early and unacceptable retirement of current workers, who ultimately refused to be responsible enough to save for their future.

Healthcare -- Repeal Obamacare, Repeal Obamacare, Repeal Obamacare. Excellent, Mr. Perry! He is the chief executive whom Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is looking for! In his book "Fed Up!", Perry makes the case for the same private, free-market initiatives which will free up the insurance industry, promote competition, and instill accountability in individual clients without driving premiums. 1) tort reform, individual health insurance, portability of plans across state lines -- the LA Times neglects to mention Insurance Savings Accounts and tax credits on the amount of money deposited in them.

National Defense -- Here, Perry is more out of step with his Tea Party following. Limited government requires limited funding of military largess. The United States does not have to retreat into a pacifist torpor, but this nation outlays too much money for national defense, most of it sucked up in wasteful pork barrel expenditures.

Politics -- The LA Times slams Governor Perry for being more uncompromising than the current crop of Republicans in the House of Representatives. That unyielding executive inflexibility is exactly what this country needs in the White House. Perry, a conservative stalwart not afraid to conflict with his own party and the Texas legislature, would be the perfect storm of ambition to break up the potential one-party factionalism that would invade Washington if the Republicans sweep the Senate as well as keep the House and win the Presidency.

The last things this country needs is another term of George W. Bush Government hegemony, which burdened this country from 2005 to 2007, exploding the national debt and broadening the encroachment of the state, from the bill of attainder over Terry Schiavo, to the monstrous pork-laden transportation handout, to the Medicare entitlement, a welcome sop to seniors that will further this country on the road to ruin.

The LA Times is a reliable center-left publication, more pragmatic than progressive, yet its betrayed bias in favor of left-wing statist involvement, including near cheer-leading for President Obama, colors any meaningful analysis of Governor Perry's political assets (not liabilities).

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