Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Limit Government: The Surest Way to Limit Racism

Rather than depending on the state, whether local, state or federal, to protect the rights of minority, individuals of smaller culture groups need to speak out for limited government and free market reforms.

Constitutional government is the sure method for ensuring the rights of all, no matter how tense the social climate of a community.

The rule of law provides adequate venues for minority peoples to speak out for themselves. Only when government intervenes, attempting to create conditions and outcomes which an isolated elite deem right and fair, do minorities find their opportunities limited, and a self-deluding sense of entitlement blocking them from making a difference in their own lives.

Less government means more responsibility and more freedom. The more we buy into the Nanny State Guilt Trip that minority groups need extra help just to get by, the more counterproductive that help becomes, with a permanent underclass of individuals depending on compulsory handouts from tax payers wasteful strewn about by bureaucrats who want nothing more than to prolong the dependence on the Welfare State.

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