Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tripoli Taken, Gadhafi Gone, Further Comments

The Libyan rebels have taken Tripoli. Finally, the legacy of the Barbary pirates is brought to justice, and by their own, no less.

Rebel forces are ransacking the palaces of the Colonel who styled himself the leader of a 42-year revolution, a revolution 41-years too long.

At last, the instigator of Lockerbie is ousted. The

Mitt Romney's call to recapture, retry, and recondemn Lockerbie Bomber is more than fitting, an evil man whom the United Kingdom heinously handed back to Libya for hapless hospice. Yet until the final downfall of Gadhafi's regime, Abdel Baset al- Megrahi stood by his man, the notorious back-water butcher of North Africa.

The Transitional National Council of Libya is taking power. The world has yet to see if in their plans they will transform their nation from petroleum kleptocracy to Jeffersonian Republicanism, if they do decide on the democratic route.

It's delightfully ironic that for all his self-delusional chanting about his people loving him and would die to protect him, Gadhafi must now accept that his people, who were dying under his rule for decades, were willing to die to get rid of him.

Let us hope that the future of Libya and North Africa will bring forth good things for a brighter future for the entire region.

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