Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Iran's reaction in Wake of Libya's Fall: A Reflection

Now that Libya has fallen into the hands of the people, now that the Transitional National Council has come to power, now that Bashar al-Assad's tenuous hold on power has been greatly weakened, what must Iran be thinking now?

Will the Ayatollahs attempt to reach out to the provisional governments which are struggling to reassert authority in their lands?

Will Ahmadinejad soften his rhetoric against the populist tide rising against state-sponsored extremism across the Middle East?

Or will the corrupt ruling elites of Iran hasten their development of Nuclear Weapons, training their aim on the Jewish State? Will they engineer propaganda to tap into the deep-rooted Anti-Semitism which has percolated for years in the Arab World, now ready to be unleashed by the popular chaos which has swept away the "moderate" strong men who held such rancorous sentiment in check?

Whatever moves the Iranian regime makse in the wake of the Arab Spring rising again, they must be getting jittery. Hopefully, the Iranian people will be encouraged by the turn of events in Libya and Syria, and they will rise up again, protesting with greater vehemence against the rigged elections which entrenched Ahmadinejad and his ilk of Muslim fanatics in power.

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