Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bashar al-Assad, Diplomatic Delays, Needed Action

Shi’ite Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad has declared war on his own people, who will no longer endure the oppressive police-state regime that has stifled free speech, political dissent, and open discussion of future options.

Only recently has the American Diplomatic core demanded that Assad and his heinous regime step down. What will it take for international community to demand the departure of this demented head of state?

While we are frittering away resources on a third-dictator in a barren backwater of Northern Africa, the NATO Alliance could be applying much needed and better focused attention on this fascist threat in the Levant.

Iran would be weakened, Israel would be emboldened, and the region would a greater peace with the removal of Assad and the Shi'ite tyranny assaulting the Syrian people.

This power player has for too-long duped the feckless good will of liberal statesmen hoping to entice Assad into warmer relationships with Israel and the West. It's about time that senior officials in the White House have demanded that he step down.

Yet there is still the problem of Libya. Immediately American forces must withdraw from that theater and muster pressure against Assad, buffering the Jewish state and preventing any interpolations by the Iranian regimes.

Assad's days are numbered, as are Colonel Moammar Gadafi's. Let's concentrate on the greater strategic interests of the United States, the Mediterranean and the West. Oust Assad, secure a transition government, ease Turkey's diplomatic ties with the new government, and maintain a show of force to keep Iran in check.

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