Friday, December 8, 2017

Report: Ken Cooley and Sebastian Ridley-Thomas are the Next #MeToo to Go

The Sacramento Deep State is getting cleaned out little by little. It is unbelievable all the crap and criminal corruption now being released to the public. Where have the media been in the midst of all this?

I submit that they were expressly complicit in all of this sexual abuse, in that reporters were aware of it, but refused to report on it. They didn't want to work that hard, perhaps, or they were more interested in pushing their liberal agenda, which includes pity for illegal aliens, welfare queens, and the fraying ecosystem.

It never ends. The miasma of failures and lies that define Sacramento are truly horrifying.

Raul Bocanegra is gone.

Tony Mendoza will be leaving very soon.

Matt Dababneh has just called it quits, now that lobbyists have come forward announcing the culture of abuse and shame which male assemblymembers have visited on female staffers and lobbyists. This culture of disgust and degradation must end!

Two more names were shared with me over the last week.

1. Ken Cooley

2. Sebastian Ridley-Thomas

One source informed me that Ridley-Thomas is actually gay or bisexual. Just a rumor. About Ken Cooley, I know nothing more other than that there is sexual misconduct lurking in the background somewhere.

What is the matter with all of these corrupt, salacious people.

Having Cooley on the chopping block is particularly telling, since he is the current chairman of the Assembly Ethics Committee!


Stay Tuned!

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