Friday, December 29, 2017

CA Governor's Race: Travis Allen Remains the Top Ranking Republican

Dear friends,

Since I announced in June, my campaign to become the 40th Governor of California has taken off. Of the top 3 polls in the state, the LA Times/USC poll (the poll that predicted the Presidential win) has me as the top Republican at 15% with plenty of room to grow.

But now is the time when I really need your help to make sure that I keep my advantage and make it to the top 2 in June so we can WIN in November.

Our year end fundraising deadline is on Sunday, 12/31 and we are still $62,000 short of our year end goal. To keep our momentum it's ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL that I raise this money.

My campaign contribution limits are generous: $29,200/person or $58,400/couple and can be either personal or corporate money. Here is the secure online donation link, and checks can also be picked up locally if that is more convenient for you.

I'm attaching our most recent strategic memo here that details how we will not only get into the top 2 in the June Primary, but how we will win in November 2018.

I'm also attaching our campaign prospectus (note that it has improved considerably since it was created - we now have almost 400k Facebook followers, over 13 Million slate mail pieces under contract, and the largest volunteer organization in the state.)

Please let me know by 12/31 and thank you very much for helping me to Take Back California!


Travis Allen
California Assemblyman
Candidate for California Governor 2018
(714) 369-4144

Cc: Jenniffer Ortiz Alizieri, Finance Director

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