Friday, December 29, 2017

Triggered: Failing RLn Editor James Preston Allen Calls Me Out

James Preston Allen, the editor for Random Lengths News, is facing the freefall of the progressive agenda he had long championed, and which found some success under the Obama Administration. President Trump is the true populist population, putting the needs of Americans, particularly American workers first.

He has pulled the United States out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. He wants to renegotiate NAFTA, if not end it outright (I hope he chooses the latter). He has decimated the corrupt liberal media, which has spent more time promoting globalism interests instead of honoring the needs of American citizens.

I have trolled Preston Allen a number of times, and even defended President Bush 43's decision to invade Iraq. Another reader, Ed Kaufman of Wilmington, supported me in a follow-up letter published in the subsequent edition of RLn.

I believe that alternative media (left-wing) rags are going the way of the dinosaur, and RLn will be next.

Still, in spite of the fraught environment for left-wing propaganda mills, one would think that they would could see the victories which Trump has achieved, which are actually helping working Americans.

Instead, he continues to attack conservatives like me and claim that corporate interests are still taking over the country and screwing over everyone else for the pleasure of the 1%. Sadly, these leftists still do not understand that these tightly-connected Big Business bullies had their best days under Barack Obama and the elitist, bought-out Democratic Party and their attending progressive acolytes.

Check out Allen's latest editorial, and how he calls me out by name:

By James Preston Allen, Publisher

I would bet that the vast majority of the readers of this paper, if not the people in the communities we serve, are shaking their heads wondering, “How in the hell did Congress pass such a convoluted tax bill?”

Easy: they responded to the concerns of working people and wealth creators who wanted to hold onto more of their money and help more Americans make money. What's not to like?

Or perhaps even, “How did Roy Moore nearly get elected in the recent Alabama senate race?”

George Soros and Company dumped millions of dollars into a race in which Republicans too readily believed that victory would be easily obtained. The corrupt Jeff Bezos media empire smeared a godly man based on scant gossip, followed by litigation whore Gloria Allred using a propped up, fraudulent fake victim who had pretended to be a victim of Moore's unwanted advances.

By the way, Nelson profferred a forged yearbook to claim a romantic connection which never existed. I want to know when Moore and the Alabama Republican Party will start filing lawsuits and seeking criminal charges against this coven of liars and cowards.

The Alabama senate race as well as some of the state legislature and gubernatorial races across the country show how deeply partisan America is just now, entrenched in an ideological battle over cultural values, civil rights, property rights, sexual harassment, the Mueller Russia investigation and yes, President Donald Trump himself.

Partisan? A left-wing Democrat just won a seat in deep-red Alabama. He will end up being one of the most bipartisan members of the United States Senate. Just you watch and wait

I am also pretty sure that most of my readers here, with the exception of Arthur Schaper, don’t regularly listen to Fox News, or read Breitbart or any number of conservative blogs, newsletters and websites. I’m right there with you. But these days, however, my inbox keeps filling up with stuff I routinely would dump in the trash, but I got curious lately.

There! He calls me out for reading Breitbart News and Fox News. What's wrong with that? These news sites have done a credible and creditable job reporting news in diverse spheres of influence and attraction. The left-wing mainstream media has been caught up in Trump Derangement Syndrome, one day after another.

When does their insanity stop? How much longer does these corporate media frauds think that average Americans are going to keep tolerating all this anti-Trump animus without suspecting an unjustly, partisan agenda against the President?

When liberals are losing the argument, they attack the person or the source making the argument. Typical Saul Alinsky sloppiness. Don't be surprised if Allen starts calling more of his opponents "Nazis" or Hitler.

So I started opening up a few of these emailed newsletters — like Conservative HQ, the Conservative Caucus and a gun  rights group — to see what they’re up to. My interest was piqued by the news reports on the growing number of conservative’ attacks on the Robert Mueller investigation into the Trump Campaign’s connection to Russian meddling in the 2016 general election. It just seems awfully suspicious that after successfully getting a string of indictments this past October  that Mueller’s FBI team would be accused of extreme partisan bias. One might think the Trump’s defenders protest too much.

The reason Mueller is facing charges of bias is that members of the FBI have been outed as partisan hacks getting or giving big donations to Hillary Clinton supporters. It's beyond crystal clear that Obama filled the Deparment of Justice and other federal law enforcement agencies with liberal activists more intention on social justice fighting that actual justice for all Americans.

Final Reflection

James Preston Allen can't help but mention me every chance he gets. I must live in his head rent free. Fun stuff. This is how conservatives, libertarians, and the pro-MAGA right in this country must rear up and fight back against all the left-wing bullying, smear tactics, and outright anti-Truth hatred which permeates the Left.

Let's keep fighting the good fight, and one day everyday readers even in San Pedro will get tired of the left-wing pablum spewing out from marginal rags like Random Lengths "News".

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